Faith In Practice 2021 Gala: Encouraged In Faith

Thank you so much for being an important part of this year’s gala, “Encouraged by Faith” chaired by Dr. Erik and Mrs. Katherine Askenasy, Dr. Sean and Mrs. Rachel Boutros, Dr. James and Mrs. Deborah Bruce and featuring Ms. Carla Arrango-Herrera.

Thank you for being an important part of the life of Faith In Practice! Through your efforts we raised nearly $800,000 and welcomed 300 guests in person with many joining us online through our livestream.

We cannot fully express what this gift means to those in Guatemala, to all of us, especially as we continue to navigate the pandemic and as the need for general medical care grows daily in Guatemala.

On behalf of Carla, her family, and all of the patients who receive care, on behalf of all of our Guatemalan volunteers who will be able to serve with their whole selves because of your gift, thank you. And, on behalf of our U.S. volunteers, whose lives, as you saw through our faithful gala chairs, are transformed through this mission as well, thank you.

Carla said that she knew that Sean Boutros would do the impossible for her. Because of your gift, forty teams will serve in 2022 and new programming will continue to grow as we expand our continuity of care model. Through you, miracles shall unfold in the lives of patients and volunteers alike as together we see ‘the impossible’ become possible.

Please consider visiting us in Guatemala so you can see firsthand these miracles unfold. Guatemala is only a 2 ½ hour flight from Houston and we would love to see you there so you might receive the thanks of our patients and volunteers up close. Please visit our VOLUNTEER page to know more or get involved. We’d love to have you!

Please take a moment to give us feedback on your experience at our gala by taking our 3-minute survey.

Watch the full Faith In Practice Gala.