4-Star Rating for Fourteen Years by Charity Navigator!

4-Star Rating for Fifteen Years by Charity Navigator!

Charity Navigator, an independent watchdog organization, has been rating charities since 2001. In 2004, Faith In Practice became eligible for rating at which time it received Four Stars. Since that time, Faith In Practice has been awarded this coveted Four Star rating each and every year. Charity Navigator’s Top Ten List of Four Consecutive Stars is seventeen, so we’re right up there near the top!


While this independent rating means the world to us, what matters most is what it represents: Our desire to serve all of our volunteers to the best of our ability, honoring their investment of time and care for those in need in Guatemala. Our commitment to respect the trust that all of our donors have placed in us. And, above all else, to honor God, the author and guide of this mission. To God be the glory for this and all things.