Surgery Heinrich/Pond Antigua

It seems after a few days of surgery all team members were falling into rhythm. Our surgery days 3 and 4 flew by! Everyone seemed to be functioning smoothly and finding their way through our surgical rooms and recovery. It’s difficult trying to fly everything in and still trying to be able to... Read More
We started our morning off as usual with prayer and morning devotional. Some of us chose to walk and others bused over to the busy hospital. In and out of the hospital people line up either waiting to be seen or to sell their street goodies. The Doctor’s first stop today was in recovery doing... Read More
All of our preparations are finally going to be put to use! Day one of surgery has arrived. We started our day off with prayer and morning devotional to get in the right state of mind. We have four operating rooms going all at once each performing surgery on 3-4 patients throughout the day.... Read More
Welcome to triage day! We started our day at 6:30 for breakfast, team prayer, and morning devotional. The devotional was focused around changing our mindset to be that of a child in the image of God. We should all be like children innocent and open. Children are so eager to love everyone; they... Read More
The Heinrich/Pond surgery team has arrived safely in Antigua! What a busy travel day we all had. Upon arrival in Guatemala City it seems we were immediately shuffled into collecting, transporting, and getting through customs. When you travel with 40+ people and their personal belongings, then... Read More