Village Johnson I

The whole team ready for actionAn opening prayerVolunteers help set up the clinicsA volunteer carrying a wheelchairMany classrooms are decorated with images of Mayan ruler Tecun Uman Ana Garcia sets up her VIA/Cryo clinic Dr. Debra Caspers helping outJanet Sargent, RN, making fast friendsWheelchairs awaiting assembly Translator Joe Lopez carrying in the trunksDr. John Riggs in triageRed-Hat Volunteers ready to begin the dayDr. Donna Moore in the wheelchair clinicDr. Silvia Recinos in pediatricsA Wheelchair Clinic patient Patients fill the triage hall PT Jill Crary in the Wheelchair ClinicOur fantastic chef Hector Ortiz and Referrals Director Julissa PellecerA patient in the General Medicine clinicThe wheelchair team works togetherDr. Mary O'Brien in pediatricsLessons in wheelchair use continue in the rainPharmacy team at workPam Gallacher, RN, greets patients on the way into the clinicsTeam Leader Linda Johnson in TriageCraig Walker and Cathy Riggs in the PharmacyPharmacist Sylvia Recinos has arrived!Dr. Silvia Recinos in PediatricsA happy patient leaving the wheelchair clinicDr. Chris Johnson performs an EKGA pregnant woman does her first ultrasound while her family looks onTranslator Joe Lopez helps move a young patient with Cerebral Palsy into his new Eithan in his new Verticalizer!Tom O'Brien helps with fitting Eitan into the VerticalizerTeam leader Dr. Phil Johnson with a patient in the General Medicine clinicRebecca Bloch-Lopez translates in pediatrics with Dr. Mary O'BrienOur beautiful clinic sitePhysical Therapist Lorena Ortiz and Wheelchair Clinic Coordinator Claudia Navas with a patientA patient reads about diabetesThe Wheelchair TeamPreparing the world's best guacamole for the team lunchA patient receives reading glassesDr. Phil Johnson meets a patientRafael sits beside his old wheelchair--he won second place with it in a wheelchair race in Poptun!Nurse/Translator Caitlin Shipp in the Family Medicine clinicWheelchair assembler George Stancel and a new friendGuatemalan Army soldiers help transport wheelchairs and patients back homeOne of our drivers  helps hand out reading glasses to patients in the pharmacyDr. Robert Wright fashioned a slit lamp from his flashlight to diagnose patient's a rare eye conditionDr. Donna Moore and a patient  Birthday girl Jill Crary teaches a patient how to properly use his new caneAna Garcia delivers a women's health presentation with the aid of a translatorDr. Debra Caspers demonstrates the stethoscopePam Gallacher, RN, passes out readings on women's healthUsed wheelchair vs. newAnother patient receives a verticalizerThe whole team at the end of the trip!
Wednesday’s totals:   GENERAL: 136 PEDIATRICS: 56 GYNECOLOGY: 49 DERMATOLOGY: 43 DENTAL: 45 VIA/CRYO: 50 MOBILITY CLINIC: 28 REFERRALS: 125 LAB: 97   All in all, on Wednesday we saw a total of 585 patients!   For our last morning devotional, the costume competition was in full swing! Sylvia... Read More
Tuesday’s totals:   GENERAL: 192 PEDIATRICS: 58 GYNECOLOGY: 42 DERMATOLOGY: 52 DENTAL: 60 VIAA CRYO: 45 MOBILITY CLINIC: 21 REFERRALS: 133 LAB: 102   All together we saw 603 patients yesterday and still managed to pack up the clinic!   This morning we awoke to a deluge in the rainforest. Our... Read More
As promised, here are the patient totals from yesterday:   GENERAL: 151 PEDIATRICS: 52 GYNECOLOGY: 53 DERMATOLOGY: 45 DENTAL: 50 VIAA CRYO: 49 MOBILITY: 30 REFERRALS: 137 LAB: 19   All together on day one we treated a total of 567 patients!   This morning we arrived to an even longer line as... Read More
This year we have quite the team hailing from Houston, to Minnesota, to the Pacific Northwest. Once everyone had arrived in Guatemala City, we hopped on the bus for a quick two hour journey to El Progreso where we would spend the first night. Introductions and the first orientation kicked off... Read More
This morning we again began our day at 5:30 AM. We held our devotional in the open-air hut in the center of our hotel grounds. Coffee and tea were provided to boost the group’s energy for the first official day.   We then had a lovely breakfast at the hotel and piled onto the bus, everyone... Read More