Surgery Lima Retalhuleu

As a team, we completed 92 surgeries this week. For many of us, this was our first trip to Guatemala as members of a Faith In Practice team. For others, this trip will go on to join many other trips in their memories. But for all of us, the week was encouraging, tiring, and inspiring. We spent... Read More
Our team woke up before the sun once again this morning, and after our devotional covering Galatians 5 (regarding the fruit of the spirit) and a quick breakfast, we took our bus to the hospital, snapped a quick group pic, and got to work. Despite our team being fairly exhausted, we flew... Read More
Today has been simultaneously calm and busy. As soon as we arrived at Hospital HG this morning, the doctors began rounding on patients, writing discharge forms and ordering medications so as to ease each patient’s recovery process. Each patient starts in Pre-Op, moves to an operating room, and... Read More
After becoming acquainted with Hospital HG yesterday, our team was able to get started on surgeries much sooner today. Everyone has their legs under them now and is working tirelessly to get through as many cases as we can this week. I’ll share a few of the stories that we’ve heard today in... Read More
We awoke before the sun this morning to attend our devotional and breakfast. At 7am, we boarded the bus bound for Hospital HG. The first patients had already been brought in to Pre-Op by the hospital staff when we arrived, so we were able to start the first few cases right away. Between the... Read More
Today was a busy day! Our team woke up early to go to devotionals with pastor Jon Hurley at 6am, where we began reading the book of Galatians. This week, during our six morning devotionals, we will be going through the six chapters of the book of Galatians. In Galatians, Paul writes to the... Read More