Surgery Mann Retalhuleu

Wednesday morning started with another wonderful devotional discussing the topic of mission work. Flavio pointed out that while we are here, it is really important to listen to what the patients tell us they need. This is not always what we think they need. Our team is here to help and the... Read More
At morning devotional we discussed the topic of trust and gratitude. Each family gives us total trust to care for their children. They trust our individual gifts that we each brought on this trip and trust our hearts to care for them with compassion.  We were encouraged to remember this... Read More
Monday's morning devotional reflected on our obligation to leave  this world better than when we found it. To do so, we were encouraged to work hand-in-hand and side-by-side with those who need help the most.  I think this resonates with our team as we meet the incredible people of Guatemala,... Read More
Yesterday we completed our first full day in Guatemala at the Hilario Galindo Hospital. Every morning we start with a devotional at 6 am lead by Flavio, our team pastor. Next, we eat breakfast before heading to the hospital for the remainder of the day. Our first devotional was centered around... Read More
Good Morning from Guatemala!  Yesterday our team assembled in Retalhuleu after a long day of travel. Starting with a flight to to Guatemlala City, we then took a 4 hour bus rude to Reu traveling thorugh the Guatemalan countryside. After one stop at a roadside restaurant for some sweet snacks,... Read More