Village Delk El Progreso

Frankie is ready to roll! Carriedelle Rosia
Day 3 in Review: 511 patients seen in clinic 178 in general medicine 108 in pediatrics 51 in gynecology 66 in dental with 119 tooth extractions 42 in VIA/Cryo with 2 cryotherapies 26 wheelchairs provided 32 ultrasounds 161 lab tests Today was our final day serving the wonderful people of... Read More
It has been a whirlwind of a week and we can’t believe it’s already time to head home. For the Team Delk veterans, it was so special to reunite with the team, Faith in Practice staff and the local Guatemalan volunteers. Those joining for the first time are so grateful to have built new... Read More
A short story written by one member of Team Delk about a boy we met in Sanarate... Boy Every camp throughout history that has supported a battle has always had boys like Augustin.  It is immediately evident that he is a touch more motivated than some of the other children, most of whom watch... Read More
First, Day 2 in Review:  554 patients seen in clinic 200 in general medicine 85 in pediatrics 47 in gynecology 53 in dental with 90 teeth extractions 61 in VIA/Cryo with 4 cryotherapies 36 wheelchairs provided 23 ultrasounds  72 referrals 105 lab tests  This morning's devotion was led by Drs... Read More
Happy Shrove Tuesday! Team Delk had another busy day at clinic. We have packed up our things and are looking forward to moving sites for the second half of clinic week. Again, this work could not be done without all of the incredible “red hat volunteers,” Faith In Practice staff, and the rest... Read More
Our first clinic day started before sunrise and we gathered for our daily devotion led by Dr. Christi Hunt. Christi shared a message from Dr. Maya Angelou about the importance of “being a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.” Dr. Maya Angelou tells us “The thing to do, it seems to me, is to... Read More