Surgery Hartz/Hecht Retalhuleu

Registration to see the DentistIn the lobbyShy!Waiting in the Dental Clinic Lobbyplaying while we waitHe likes Dr. Isabel but not the Dentist ChairPeaking through the windowSee my smile!Waiting for my big brotherTake our picture pleaseMy little sisterHe stopped crying with a little tickle from Dr RussI'm nextShow me your teethMeet The Dental TeamWheel Chair Patients arrive by busEvery patient is assessedPatients arrive by truckWheel Chair check inFree shoes for anyone who needs themFree Wheel Chair MissionMeet the Wheel Chair Clinic TeamNo need for stick canes anymore!Tire pumpCrutchesToolsNoodles for cusionSnake HelperDr. Wilson Hartz
Today Pastor Chelsea Spyres received and shared inspiration from Verses 4-11 of Psalm 25: Prayer for Guidance and for Deliverance and we were treated to the beautiful Saprano singing voice of Elise Marren CRNA. Please see the Video (Link TBD) 4 Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
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Meet our little man Gilder, he 3 years old and is so happy, everyone at Hospital Hilario Galindo have been enjoying his smile and laughter! Gilder has a hernia that he was born with which will be repaired today, he also has a birth defect in his legs which prevent him from walking upright. ... Read More
Meet the Wheelchair Clinic Team: (Guatemala based) Coordinator-Claudia Navas, Technical Engineer-Byron Alonzo, Clinic Assistant-Omar Cruz, Physical Therapist-Lorena Ortiz, Director of Partnership-Josh Greenman, (US Based) Dr. Peter Kenyon, Physical Therapist-Thomas Lenz, Technical team- Tom... Read More
Meet the Pediatric Dental Team - Dr. Russ Polina, D.D.S, Dr. Isabel Suastegui-Mursuli, D.D.S., Aparna Bandreddi, D.A., Nurses Grecia Cham & Rina Vicente Today the team triaged 83 patients and finished the day treating 6 more!  Some patients, only a few, will only need a cleaning but most... Read More