Village Robinson Jalapa

Completing day 2 at San Jose Montana:     This is an updated on the number of patients we saw on our first day at the clinic:   GENERAL: 152 PEDIATRICS AND FAMILY: 170 GYNECOLOGY: 72 DERMATOLOGY: 191 DENTAL: 99  In total, 641 patients were seen during our 10-hour work day! I look forward to... Read More
Opening the clinic:  Today is a special day. Our morning devotion was dedicated to Fausto, one of our long-time local volunteer who has lost his daughter Fernanda in an accident last Thursday. Although it was extremely hard for him to bury his child yesterday, he showed up today to continue... Read More
Day 2: We woke up early to attend our morning devotion, where we started our day with gratitude as we unite prayer to our works and our good works to prayer. This mindfulness set the tone for our day. After a three-hour drive, our team finally arrived at the clinic in Jalapa. All the local... Read More
Day 1: 
We arrived to Guatemala in different teams throughout the night, all well-rested and ready for our first day in Antigua. There was a lot of excitement from both the people who have been volunteering with Faith In Practice for years and those new members who listened to the call... Read More