Parsley/Woolf Surgery

Shortly after 2:00 am, some of us were awakened by a gutturally low thunderclap, forcefully belched out by Vulcán Fuego. The sound could be confused for actual thunder, but it has a difficult-to-describe, unique, and eerie depth about it that points me again to the immensity and power of God’s... Read More
Let me begin by apologizing for not getting this posted “on time,” but Friday ended up being busier than I expected and I didn’t get back to my room to finish packing for our Saturday departure before 4:00 pm, which is 5:00 pm in Houston this time of year, when the Faith In Practice Houston... Read More
I should start by backing up a little. Last night after submitting yesterday’s blog, we were treated to a powerful presentation given by Elizabeth Bell, an American, who through an interesting set of circumstances grew up in Guatemala and has lived here for many decades. On top of that, she is... Read More
“Ask and ye shall receive.” I mentioned in a previous blog how I hoped that at least one day this week that the clouds would lift so we could see the volcanos. Well, once again, the aviary outside our windows awakened us, but this morning brought a new, cooler, crystal-clear sunrise allowing... Read More
Tuesday started like most days with the birds “screaming” at us as if to say, “Rise and shine, Gringos; it’s time to get going!” Because Guatemala does not do the daylight savings “thing” that we do in the US, those of us from Texas are an hour behind our families in the US. That means that... Read More
Update on Margarita: I learned this morning that Dr. Parsley’s goal of having Margarita do physical therapy (instead of surgery this week) is to get her prepared for surgery by the Heinrich/Pond Faith In Practice ortho team planned for June 12–19. She has spent the last year-plus in a... Read More