AGO Village

Our devotion this morning was the story of Jesus bringing a girl back to life, the daughter of a Jewish leader named Jairus. As Jesus was walking to the Jairus’ home, a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhaging for 12 years. She reached out and touched Jesus’ garment and was healed. Jesus... Read More
Sunday began at 6:45am with morning devotions facilitated by Pastor Jason. We studied Jesus’s words in Mark 5, where Jesus learns the disciples were arguing over who the greatest disciple might be. Jesus placed a child in their midst and announced the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.... Read More
Morning devotions started at 5:30am, with a hearing of the story about a man whose friends lowered him through the ceiling so that Jesus could heal him. This passage from Mark 2 features Jesus being moved by the friends’ faith, not just that of the man who was paralyzed. Jesus forgave him and... Read More
Everyone made it to the buses by 5:30am, and the team got to the clinic with no delay. There we had time for coffee and breakfast, followed by a devotion led by Pastor Jason.  With Phillipe as translator, the group heard the story from Mark 6 where Jesus was being followed by throngs of people... Read More
Today the team safely arrived in the beautiful colonial town of Antigua. Our arrival was marked by flight delays and rain showers, but we gave God thanks for bringing us together safely to carry out our mission this week.   Our team is now called “AGO”, an acronym of the last names of our new... Read More