Johnson Village

Below are our statistics from our week in Samayac. Invitations were given out for four 2-hour time slots each day. Referrals were made during General Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology or Dermatology visits. Laboratory procedures include urine analysis, glucose, hemoglobin and ear lavage for... Read More
At our Celebration Dinner to honor the Guatemalan staff we shared an observation that Dr. Robert Wright made.  He noted that there are many groups offering week-long mission opportunities.  Faith In Practice is different because of the continuous cycle of care that is made possible through the... Read More
We have an art table in the middle of our clinic. We are all invited to go and use watercolors to capture something in our hearts or in our prayers. One drawing showed a 15-year-old bent over in a hoodie. Rev Gans painted him without knowing his story. Dr. Robert Wright found that under the... Read More
Mariachis at a funeral procession? Our bus was stopped outside our clinic at the cathedral in Samayac. We waited on the bus until the funeral was over. The widow and family descended the church steps, then the mourners, then a mariachi group. Then the hearse. This was Sunday before clinic set... Read More
“Codo” in Spanish is the word for “elbow” in English. In Guatemala, touching your elbow is a way to say someone is overly thrifty.  They are as “tight as the skin of their elbow” would be a literal translation. So, it was a bit odd when I extended my elbow to touch the elbow of my first... Read More
Felipe Gutierrez, the Village Director for Faith in Practice, says that he always has a problem sleeping the night before a group leaves for the village. For me it is anticipation the night before our first clinic day, that gives me fitful sleep. Being present in the moment means not to get... Read More