Pogo Surgery Team

In today’s devotional our beloved CEO of Faith In Practice, Linda, led and talked about the story where Moses decides to stop, turn aside, and hear God’s voice. When Moses does this he is chosen by God to go and follow His instruction, and just like Moses, we were all called to come to... Read More
This morning Dr. Freddie opened our devotional with the beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-13. After the reading Dennis talked about today‘s theme of gratitude and we all received the chance to discuss what we were grateful for. Many said that they were thankful for the experience they have received... Read More
This morning Dennis read us the quote “Be still and know that I am God”. He then gave us the opportunity to sit in silence for a moment and think about what that means to each of us. I think that for most of us it is a reminder that when things are chaotic and not going well, we need to... Read More
This morning at devotional Dennis gave us the theme of suffering and asked “how can there be a God if there is so much suffering?”. Answering his own question he enlightened us with the idea that compassion means “to suffer with”, so although we suffer here on Earth, God suffers with us and... Read More
This morning our CRNA, Belinda, read about the Samaritan woman at the well, John 4:4-26. With that reading, Dennis, our devotional leader, talked about how each of us has our own well and how in our wells we have our “living water” which is different for everyone. In our wells we each have our... Read More
The team met up today at the Guatemala City Airport safe and on time. After some brief introductions, we boarded a big bus and traveled for about 6 hours to our hotel at Irtra. The accommodations here are beautiful, and the team was happy to finally arrive. At dinner we enjoyed getting to know... Read More