629 Boutros Team Day 1

Posted on: 05/24/2019

Author: Richard Appel

This was the first day of our mission trip! When we arrived in Guatemala City, Faith In Practice helped us to collect the trunks containing our medical equipment. We took a bus to the cobblestone-paved streets of Antigua, where we reconvened at Casa de Fe. With its name meaning “House of Faith,” Casa de Fe is a house built by Faith In Practice for patients to rest and recover after surgery. Inside its peaceful walls, representatives from Faith In Practice welcomed us and joined Dr. Boutros in giving an overview of our mission here in Guatemala. This is Faith In Practice’s 25th Year Anniversary of service in Guatemala, with tens of thousands having been helped.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a team dinner in one of Antigua’s many restaurants. Tomorrow we will see the hospital, begin triage, and set up the operating rooms. My last trips with Faith In Practice have been incredibly eye-opening; I look forward to many new opportunities to help and learn!