629 Boutros Team Day 2

Posted on: 05/26/2019

Author: Richard Appel

Our first full day in Guatemala was triage day—a preparation for the week to come. We began the day with a devotional lead by Dr. Boutros; this reaffirmed the spiritual calling of our trip. We left the hotel inspired and ready for the day ahead.

When we arrived at the historic hospital, patients and team members joined together in prayer in the hospital’s courtyard. The patients and their families had come from every department in Guatemala, with some travelling for days to receive medical aid. They learned about Faith In Practice from the organization’s outreach coordinators, who travel to remote locations in Guatemala to spread awareness about the work of the organization. These Guatemalan volunteers often accompany the patients every step of the way, helping with everything from the long trip to Antigua to standing by the patients’ side in the examination room.

After coming together for prayer, we divided up tasks to prepare for the upcoming week of surgeries. In the operating rooms, team members busily unpacked the medical supply trunks and sorted the equipment, ensuring that everything runs smoothly through the week. At the same time, other team members screened patients and prepared treatment plans. Together, the team saw over a hundred patients!

Tomorrow is the first day of surgery. It has been heartwarming to interact with the people of Guatemala; the rest of the team and I are excited for what tomorrow holds.