629 Boutros Team Day 3

Posted on: 05/27/2019

Author: Richard Appel

This first day of surgery ran smoothly thanks to the efficiency and organization of Faith In Practice, Las Obras hospital, and everyone on the team. Almost thirty surgeries were performed today! These included many operations that patients had needed for years and may have never gotten otherwise. Four operating rooms were run in parallel, distributed between general surgery, plastic surgery, urology, and oculoplastic surgery.

One story that touched me was of Allison, who was receiving a cleft-palate surgery as part of the ongoing care offered by Faith In Practice. Allison’s experience with the organization has motivated her to become a doctor herself. I continue to be inspired by what I have seen on this trip so far. Everyone I have spoken to shows immense gratitude and grace, and wherever I turn, I am greeted with smiles.