629 Boutros Team Day 4

Posted on: 05/28/2019

Author: Richard Appel

On the second day of surgery, things have started to settle into a rhythm. We started the day with breakfast prepared by our fantastic cooks and then came together for the devotional. Afterwards, we headed over to the hospital.

The team performed many different operations today- from hernia repairs and cholecystectomies to ectropion repairs and nose cleft repairs. With the first surgeries having been completed yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the patients treated on this trip. Tomás received his second prostate resection today; he worked at a church which recommended that he turn to Faith In Practice to receive care. Another patient, Milbia, was referred to Faith In Practice after her hernia of four years became unbearable. The municipal office near her home told her of the organization, and she then made the seven hour trip (including a two hour walk) to reach Antigua for treatment. It’s clear to me just how much Faith In Practice is respected and trusted throughout Guatemala; Tomás and Milbia come from very different parts of the country, but both were immediately referred to this organization to receive the best care possible.

I am excited for tomorrow, there will be many more surgeries and many more opportunities to learn from the Guatemalans, Faith In Practice, and everyone on the team.