629 Boutros Team Day 5

Posted on: 05/29/2019

Author: Richard Appel

Today was another successful day of surgery, with patients moving smoothly through surgery to PACU, then to one of the wards in the hospital, and finally to Casa de Fe or their own home. Each morning after we arrive in the hospital, the physicians also do rounds to check on their patients from the previous day. One of these patients, Reginaldo, had a painful mass that had grown over three years removed from his arm. The mass was interfering with his work as a tailor, so he made the 3.5 hour journey to Antigua after being referred by a Faith In Practice village team.

Another patient, Ricardo, received a prostate resection he had been needing for many months. Ricardo works in a hospital in Guatemala City, where he loves working with children and the elderly. His experience receiving treatment through Faith In Practice has convinced him that it is God’s calling to help others like he was helped. Moving forward, he now wants to volunteer for Faith In Practice. It is stories like these that show me just how Faith In Practice can build such a reputation of trust and service in Guatemala!