Christmas Care

Posted on: 12/14/2020

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy. It can also be a time of challenge and isolation, especially for those in need.

Since May, we have been providing hope to families through monthly packages of food, supplies, and public health information. COVID-19 and hurricanes Eta and Iota that hit Central America early last month have left several families facing unexpected financial difficulties. In keeping with our mission, we want to provide continued support to those in need and share God’s love with them.

So at the end of November, we prepared our monthly care packages for our Guatemalan leaders and their families, as well as for some of our local partners, but this time with added Christmas goodies.


The Packages

As usual, this month’s packages included several pounds of essential food items like rice, beans, corn, pasta, and coffee. They also included Incaparina—a high-quality vegetable-based protein food commonly used in Guatemala to prevent nutrition deficiencies—prenatal vitamins, and public health information.

The health education for this month focused on children’s health. We provided information on how to recognize and treat common health problems in children such as dehydration and malnutrition, and how to help children maintain overall health through good nutrition, exercise, and mental health care.

In celebration of the holiday season, we also sent Advent calendars, Christmas activities for children and families to do together, Christmas cards made by the Guatemala staff, and a letter of encouragement from Rev. Linda McCarty, our President and CEO.

Speaking of the significance of the care package program, our Hilario Galindo Surgery Program Director, Gaetan Moussa shared:

We want people to experience joy this Christmas. Packages have helped many families survive this crisis and given them hope and strength beyond this immediate pandemic.

Many things have changed, but one thing that remains constant is our commitment to serve the poor of Guatemala, and to do so with respect and empathy for our patients and each other.



To find out how our care package program began, read Caring for Our Guatemalan Volunteers.


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