Day 2 Clinic Set-Up

Posted on: 05/13/2019

Author: Laura O'Bert

After an early rise in Antigua, with team devotionals and breakfast, at 8am we took off on a 4-hour bus ride in the direction of our hotel, Los Hostales del IRTRA in San Martín Zapotitlan, Retalhuleu, about 180 km west of Guatemala City. But first we stopped off to visit and and set up Faith In Practife’s temporary clinic in the school named E.O.R.M. San Antonio, Nima 1, in Samayac, a municipality in the Suchitepéquez department of Guatemala. With the help of the local Faith In Practice staff and a unit of the Guatemalan Armed Forces (Ejército de Guatemala) we spent about two hours working hard to set up the various sub-clinics for the next day: OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, General Medicine, Dentistry, Cryogenics unit, Laboratory unit, Pharmacy, and the Wheelchair unit. Once we finished with the set-up we ate a quick sack lunch and then headed out to tour the Faith In Practice supported Hospital Hilario Galindo. After a long day of work and team bonding, we headed for our much needed rest at our hotel, about an hour drive from the village of Samayac. Now we’re all excited for the start of the clinics tomorrow and hopefully helping a lot of local villagers seeking medical attention.