Day 4 - Second Day of Clinics in Samayac

Posted on: 05/14/2019

Author: Laura O'Bert

Our first day of clinics was off to an incredible start ~ Faith In Practice volunteer doctors and specialists tended to 485 villagers. Today our specialist tended to 471 villagers. Again our Faith In Practice volunteers started early at our make-shift clinic at Nima 1. Children were treated by our wonderful pediatric specialists: Dr. Silvia Recinos and Susan Willliams PA, and her interpreter, Mary Stancel. Many women in need were treated by our talented team OB/Gyn doctors: Dr. Merrill Lewen, Dr. Mary Berg and nurse Marcela Lopez and medical student Natalia Polukoff. Many other villagers were seen by our amazing team of tireless general medicine doctors: Dr. Otoniel Recinos, Dr. Rolando Camey, Dr. Phil Johnson, Dr. Bob Morrow and interpreter Marcia Fashingbaeur. These doctors saw patients with many different ailments ranging from diabetes, arthritis, skin and eye problems, to pain in the abdominal area and more. Our remarkable dentists Dr. Hugo Lima and Dr. Kellie Moore showed incredible stamina throughout the day pulling decayed teeth from patients of all ages, ranging in age from 3 to 86 years old. There are wonderful personal stories we heard from these lovely local people too. Stay tuned for words on our third day of clinics.We have all enjoyed seeing the reaction of the patients after they have been attended to. All the villagers have been more than happy to share their stories and be photographed. The villagers we met were joyful, grateful, loving and caring Christians. Seeing these people made this faith based mission very rewarding for the volunteers. We were constantly thanked and blessed by the patients for giving of our time and talents.

One of the patients seen was a 40-year-old man. The men in the rural villages are typically in charge of working in the fields. One day 10 years ago when David was out in the fields he found the perfect tree to cut branches for firewood to be used by his wife to heat up their stove for cooking their family meal. That day was the last day David walked. He fell from the tree that day and became a paraplegic. The only way David has been able to get around for the past 10 years has been to be carried around in a plastic chair. However, today the wheelchair team and the physical therapists changed David’s life. Once David was fitted with his wheelchair his face beamed with happiness and gratitude. The wheelchairs are brought to the clinics in boxes where we have a fabulous team of Faith In Practice volunteers constructing these chairs to deliver to the physical therapists. In turn the PTs fit the individual patients according to their size and then they train the patients on the proper use. And finally, a Faith In Practice volunteer prays over the wheelchair patients before they leave the clinic and start their new life able to get around with much more ease. Kudos go to our fabulous wheelchair engineers: Beth Morrow, Larry Shamp, George Stancel, Byron, and Bruce Fuller. And more cheers to our PTs: Michelle Cramp, Lorena Ortiz, Kristel, and assistant Lulu.