Day 5 – Third day of Clinics – Pueblo Nuevo

Posted on: 05/15/2019

Today we started at 7am for our new location make-shift clinic in Escuela Of. Urbana Mixta No. 1, in the rural village of Pueblo Nuevo, Suchitepéquez. As the 2 buses of FIP volunteers approached the clinic we could sense the anticipation of the villagers lining the streets, in eager to be treated by our specialist. All the doctors worked diligently to treat the villagers. One of the most prevalent diagnosis we were finding today is diabetes. The pharmacy staff has been working consistently to fill the prescription orders.  

We have been experiencing rain all day with occasional heavy downpours, but that has not stopped the people from coming to be seen by our awesome doctors. Neither rain, humidity, heat nor the multitude of flies or mosquitos have slowed down the doctors and other FIP volunteers from giving their highest level of attention to their patients. And we all continue to be blessed by the people we see.

Today the doctors tended to 496 patients! The rain didn't stop the villagers from coming to see the docs!