Happy Valentines Day

Posted on: 02/14/2018

Author: Inglesby, Mr. Thomas S

February 14, 2018. Faith In Practice blog, 560 Inglesby team 1. 

Today was a day of multiple hues of emotion. We greeted the day happily wishing each present Happy Valentine’s Day and giving thanks that devotion. Work for the entire team was productive and gratifying. We return home to learn of tragedy by shooting in Florida with multiple deaths. We all recognize the pain of loss of life, the loss of happiness forever in multiple homes in Florida and the sense of helplessness for all concerned. At dinner, we are able to share a group prayer for those lost and for their families. The sharing of the prayer gave all of us a sense of some contribution to the possibility of providing a bulwark against the tragedies that go on in our society. Is that not a central benefit of sharing faith, belief in a better self, and love in our community?