Hearing Aids

Posted on: 04/26/2019

Author: Julie Moorhead

Over the past year, Texas ENT Specialists accumulated over 300 used hearing aids donated by families of patients who no longer needed them or through the Texas ENT “buy back” program. Over 100 of these hearing aids were donated to Faith In Practice. Dr. Cary Moorhead led the team, and audiologists Caroline Williams and Crystal Wiggins worked tirelessly for one week helping severely hearing impaired people hear, often for the first time! Crystal relates the following story of how one life was transformed:


“Walter arrived in the audiology clinic on a beautiful day on April 10th, accompanied by his wonderful mother. She became emotional as she started to explain who she was and her overwhelming concern for her son. Eventually, her crying overtook what she was trying to say and I had to console her and ask for the help of an interpreter. She was able to explain that she 'never wanted him to have this trouble with hearing' and the struggles they had endured to help correct it. Unable to afford hearing aids, she had sold precious family land to purchase his first set of hearing aids, which soon broke. They were heartbroken to have lost their property and have nothing to show for it. I told her 'Today is a new day!' I tested Walter's hearing and found that he was a great candidate for hearing aids. When I put the first hearing aid on Walter, his face lit up and so did his mother’s. She couldn't believe that her prayers had been answered. He was able to hear his mother and she was overjoyed. When I put the last hearing aid on him, he hugged his mother and together they cried tears of joy. Walter’s mother gave God the glory and spoke blessings over my life that I will never forget for this dramatic improvement in her son’s ability to hear.”

-  Crystal D. Wiggins, Au.D. 

Board Certified in Audiology