Jalpatagua Mobility Clinic

Posted on: 02/08/2021

At the end of January we held our first mobility clinic of 2021 in Jalpatagua, Jutiapa! In total, we provided 89 wheelchairs from our partner Free Wheelchair Mission, as well as 4 pediatric chairs from Hope Haven, 15 walkers, 6 crutches, and 10 canes.

Check out this behind the scenes look the care our patients receive, our team, and how the clinic is set up and run.

At the clinic in Jalpatagua, our team was joined by Sylvia and Mynor, wheelchair technicians from Hope Haven, which is one of our partner organizations in Guatemala. Hope Haven is a nonprofit that employs people with disabilities and specialized pediatric wheelchairs. During this clinic, we distributed 4 of these chairs and referred 5 patients to Hope Haven to receive customized chairs.

Cesar Antonio is 7 years old and has hydrocephalus. Emma Lucia is 3 years and she experienced neonatal asphyxia and has cerebral palsy. They both received pediatric chairs, which will help them and their families better manage their conditions and have more mobility.


Arelyn is 8 years old and has advanced cerebral palsy. She received a pediatric wheelchair, which will help her be able to sit up straight, eat more easily, and be more comfortable. Click on the image of Arelyn to learn more.

Oscar recently had a stroke and lost all mobility. At our clinic, he received a new wheelchair and our physical therapist, Samuel, showed his family some exercises they can help him do to increase his mobility. You can see a video Samuel working with Oscar by clicking on the image.

We are grateful for your ongoing support of our mission, which makes it possible to hold regular mobility clinics. Our mobility team is looking forward to when our volunteer teams return this Spring to help us serve even more patients!


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