Makes you think

Posted on: 11/05/2019

Author: Martina Robinson

In the gynecology clinic, a woman came in.  She was diagnosed with a cystocele that could only be repaired with surgery.  When offered the chance to be referred to have this surgery, she initially said no.  When she was asked why she said she could not afford the surgery.  We assured her that she did not need to pay for the surgery.  When we asked her again whether she wanted to be referred for the surgery, she broke into tears.  She explained that she was very poor and lived on a small piece of land and had no children that lived with her.  Her husband had gone blind at the age of 42 and she had supported the family since then.  He had a serious problem with his prostate and was coming to the clinic on Tuesday.  She wanted him to be able to have his surgery.  When we explained that they both could have their surgery, she still was unwilling to be referred.  Finally, we convinced her that she could return on Tuesday with her husband and could accompany him through the process and if he was referred to surgery she could decide whether she too wanted to have her surgery.  She asked whether her surgery could be performed first so that she could care for him.  It turned out that he did not have an invitation to come to the clinic tomorrow, but we arranged for her to return with him and for him to be seen.  The love that she showed for her husband was palpable.  We shared the tears and hope that she will return with her husband tomorrow.