Princess Ariana

Posted on: 02/15/2018

Author: Inglesby, Mr. Thomas S

Ariana was discharged today and wins the most photographed baby princess award of the week.  Ariana is 6-months-old and born with a cleft lip and palate.  Her mother's name is Saira. She is 19-years-old, unmarried and lives with her aunt in Guatemala City. When Ariana was born with the assistance of a midwife, Saira had no support when she realized that Ariana was born with a deformity.  Saira fed Ariana with an eyedropper for the first two weeks. Saira experienced concern and depression to the point of not wanting to keep her baby. God worked a miracle and gave Ariana a cold. It was during this time of need that Saira fell in love with her daughter. There was a neighbor who had a baby born with a cleft. It was through this neighbor that Saira heard about Faith In Practice and the possibilty of help for Ariana.  After a successful cleft surgery this week, Arianas smile and beautiful brown eyes have won the hearts of the entire FIP team.