Posted on: 02/12/2018

Author: Inglesby, Mr. Thomas S

Feb12,2018 blog 560 Team 1 Inglesby:

We made numerous observations today. First, we assembled for breakfast at 5:15 a.m. Devotional service followed and prayers were answered with a very joyful day in the service of the Lord, hence confirming that God rises very early to survey his flock!

The general surgeons, vascular surgeons, ENT surgeons, plastic surgeon, GI and dental surgeons were very busy with skilled repair of gallbladders (laparoscopic and open), hernia repairs, and common and extraordinarily uncommon surgical challenges. We had a breakdown of The Olympus power source; it was quickly repaired by the nearly divine (I who cannot screw in a light bulb and marvel at all the things in life that require only a flip of a switch ) intervention of the staff electrical engineer. A replacement could be had but was located in another country!

The Lord certainly heard our morning prayers in the GI suite. The dentist reported the results of his uncontrolled experiment. Children of Guatemala who drink a lot of soft drinks and do not brush their teeth regularly suffer from multiple anterior upper dental caries. Young people who avoid sweets, soft drinks, but brush thrice daily present with beautiful smiles, healthy gums and no cavities. I guess our mothers were right. Another day tomorrow in the clinics, the OR, the GI suite and the villages outside the city.