Posted on: 02/13/2018

Author: Inglesby, Mr. Thomas S

Faith in Practice 2-13-18 blog 560 Team inglesby

Today was the day that everyone fell into a reasonable routine of the rising early , having breakfast, devotions, and going to work. It was also a day where team work paid off. At breakfast, one of the volunteers became transiently ill.The physicians participated in, evolving in assessment, making the patient comfortable, and all was well within several hours. At the hospital the gastroenterologist was very busy caring for multiple children with profound neurologic deficits; the surgeons were busy managing complex general and specialty surgery issues. The surgeons and anesthesiologist work as a team with the gastroenterologist to resolve issues; the surgeons work together on complex cases. The anesthesiologist assisted the plastic surgeon with management of a complex issue. Faith In practice demonstrated that the volunteers can work not only individually but also can work as a team to accomplish God’s work.