Surgery Woolf Antigua

Morning Devotional by our trip Pastor Stephen LacyStarting our day with a prayerWalking in Las ObrasMeeting Sra. Odra and Shelly for Hospital and Surgery ProceduresAmanda and OdraTriage Waiting AreaTriage ClinicUnpacking and distributing supplies and equipmentDr. Pedro Cosculluela during ClinicDr. Woolf and Fred Jimenez during ClinicDr.Pogo and Program Director Shelly DarnallDr. HeinrichFred Jimenez Evaluation PatientsDebbie and CoreyKim Ramey and Shelly Darnall Dr. Charles Black examining patient Dr. George Alvarez Pre-Op EvalutiationDr.Suresh Antony and Anna Velascos administering meds in TriagePatientStephen passed cookies to the kids and family waiting.Entering the Data Procession of San PedroDr. Pogo Dr. Cosculluela and Dr. Heinrich done with clinicPatientBuilding FramesOn the way back to the Hotel La Quinta De FloresDinnerDaniel Moses and Daniel BrewerJulie CornwellPre-OpDr. Pedro CosculluelaDr. Pogo at Pre-OpDr.Heinrich with patient at Pre-OpDr. Woolf and Dr.Cedric DupontDr. Dimple PatelDr. Pogo talking to patient mother after surgeryShelly DarnallOR # 1 TeamBeakfestMorning devotionalSteve selling coffee for Casa De FeDr Heinrich and Sandra TerrazasBrian Norman and Sandra TerrazasDr. WoolfPT Fred JimenezDr CosculluelaSandra TerrazasDr. Pedro Cosculluela and Brian NormanAnn Neaves and Dr Suresh AntonyDr. PogodzinskiLunch breakOR # 3 TeamDr George AlverezOR # 4 TeamJoann BeckettPre OP RoomPT Kim Ramey and patientPT Cory BerlinDrs. Alvarez and DupontJenny NelsonRecovery RoomDaniel MosesJulie Kline and Joann BeckettOR # 2 TeamDaniel Brewer, Dr. Matt Heinrich, and Andrew SmithPhysical Therapy at workMom praying by her daughters bed after surgeryWaiting to head home after a long day of work.Dinner's ReadyThursday's Morning BreakfastRise and ShineThursday Morning Devotion

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Friday -  Last night we had a short but heavy rain and the early morning is fresh and cool; our bird choir in full and glorious voice.  Our team leader, Mark Woolf, presented the last devotional which was based upon Dr. Luke’s account of Jesus’ healing of a lame man lowered through a hole... Read More
Wednesday at Las Obras Early this morning we finally caught glimpse of Montana del Fuego, the most active of the three volcanos that circle Antigua.  It’s a most impressive  sight!  The morning devotional centered on the constant presence of God in our lives.  The walk from the hotel to Las... Read More
Overcast and cool again this morning, Guatemala’s rainy  season should begin soon.  The morning devotional stressed the importance of recognizing and accomplishing opportunities to do the Lord’s work.  With the holiday over, the streets of Antigua are busy again .  We now have three days of... Read More
The early morning is still overcast and cool.  We hope for a clearing off so that we can see the beautiful and impressive  volcano, Montana del Fuego.   Today’s devotional considered prayer and we read from James’ letter.  We pray for our patients’ recovery and subsequent improved lives. ... Read More
This morning is overcast and cool, but the birds are in full concert.  As always, great coffee and a not so light breakfast.  The daily devotional was from the Sermon on the Mount and centered on two   Beatitudes; blessed  are the poor and blessed are the kind and merciful.  Dr. Woolf... Read More
Birds began singing at 4:00 am.  A light breakfast  - the morning devotional theme was about God’s intention that we retain or regain the childlike qualities of hope, joy and enthusiasm. (who could question the enthusiasm of a 4 year old like Cus, scheduled for Monday surgery.  The team... Read More