Village Kincaid/Tysse Santa Rosa

John going over our daily scheduleMorning meeting and devotionalMorning devotional and prayerOur Team doctor with safety tips for a healthy week.Jason speaking with patients and their family members during our visit to Casa de FeRooftop view from Casa de FeDonor Tiles - each tile represents a donation made to Casa de FeOur team took a the tour of Case de Fe facility for FIP's surgical patients.The lady's wing for surgical patients.  All patients are provided with lodging before and after surgery.  Toys for the children to play with during their recovery time at Casa de FePatients waiting to be seen in our Mobility ClinicPreparing to open the gateLucy - team translatorPediatric ClinicLunch is prepared fresh daily at the clinicAudiology clinicPatients waiting to be seen in the Audiology clinicMary prepares the lab for patientsLaboratory Our morning announcementsOur morning devotional, The Good SamaritanOmelette station by Chef WalterBreakfastPatients are lined up for our second day of clinicThis precious little girl arrived before 6:00 A.M. to wait in line with her grandmother - abuelaTriage AreaDental ClinicDental Sharon is going over care instructions with one of our dental patients.Mobility ClinicGayle, one of our physical therapist serving in the Mobility ClinicSo thankful for our Red Hat volunteersMother and daughter are both waiting to be seen by the doctor.Wheelchair assemblyOur wheelchair assembly team working hardServing with a smileOur volunteers help save time by documenting the patient's blood pressure before seeing the doctor.Dr. Janice and JJ, one of our translators.Dr. Ron in General MedicineDr. Robert in General medicineDr. Eric and his translator, Fran in the OBGYN ClinicDr. Aileen in OBDr. Cam in PediatricsDr. Fernando in General MedicineDr. Eva in PediatricsScott in PharmacyPharmacy TeamDr. Victor in ultrasoundIt has been a long and hot day.Sarah helping with a wheelchair fitting Dr. Janice in General MedicineBeautiful faces!General Medicine ClinicJill in the Audiology Clinic One of our Red Hat volunteers with her grandmother - AbuelaDr. Eric and Fran in OBGYNBob helps with the wheelchair assembly team and serves as a translator.Faith in Practice support staff in ReferralsSuzanne,  FIP staff member, in ReferralsDr. Jo Austin.  Each patient in the Mobility Clinic receives an exam from one of our doctors.  Josh is going over plans for the day with the Mobility ClinicSecurity and gate control..John and Felipe preparing for the morning rush in TriageOur morning prayer circle before the clinic opens.Triage areaTriage areaPatient registrationVIA Cryo ClinicVIA Cryo ClinicSharon helps a patient with his new hearing aid.This gentleman was one of our many patients who did not own a wheelchair.  His family physically carried him into the Mobility Clinic.  He lost the use of his legs from the polio virus when he was a young child. This gentleman is 37 years old.  He came into the clinic by himself.  He lost both legs at the age of 4.  Linda, Faith in Practice CEODr. Maggie leads us in worship songs during our morning devotional.Pastor Jason and Felipe deliver the morning devotional in both English and Spanish.Wheelchairs ready for assemblySecurityMorning set up in the new clinic locationGayle helping to set up the Mobility ClinicDr. David and Dr. Christine setting up the Dental ClinicJohn and Wilma preparing for a busy day.The Referral area expects to have another busy day.Pharmacy waiting areaThe Pharmacy  will provide many patients with reading glasses Our Audiology Team preparing for another busy day.Gate securityJosh with our Mobility ClinicThis gentleman and his son loved seeing their picture on my camera.The Pharmacy teamNow at the age of 37 he is learning how to maneuver in his new wheelchair.This young man came to our clinic two days ago with a 2nd degree burn on his foot.  When he was first seen by Dr. Cam he was in a lot of pain and running a fever.  His mother traveled to our new location today for a recheck from Dr. Cam.I love this picture of love and compassion.  Mary escorted this patient from the lab over to the waiting area for General Medicine.This young man loved having his picture made with as many girls that would cooperate.Dr. David extracted 4 infected teeth from this brave little girl.Dr. John works with our Mobility team evaluating the condition of each patient prior to being fitted for a wheelchair or walker. Marta is assisting Dr. John as his translator. It is very important to make sure that each hearing aid is properly fitted.This picture shows this patient's joy when he is able to hear the instructions from our audiologist. Many of our patients received ear washings to remove wax buildup. Hearing evaluation testOur 602 team

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Day 6 – Kincaid/Tysse Village Team Valentine’s Day – A day many of our traditions focus on Love.  Pastor Jason began the morning by giving us a little history on the legend of how Valentine’s Day began.  This was an interesting story, which many of us had either forgotten or never heard. ... Read More
Day 5 - Kincaid/Tysse Village Team We began our day in the usual manner with our morning devotional from Pastor Jason, followed by announcements and instructions.  Jason opened with the parable of Jesus and the widow.  In this parable Jesus teaches on injustice and perseverance.  Jason related... Read More
Day 4 - Kincaid/Tysse Village Team Pastor Jason opened our morning devotional at 5:45 with a reading from Luke 16, the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus, the poor beggar.  Jesus teaches us of our call to care for those in need.  He encouraged to never ignore or to be indifferent to those who... Read More
Day 3 Kincaid/Tysse Village Team   Today began at 5:45 A.M. with our morning devotional followed by a few quick announcements before we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and hit the road at 7 o’clock sharp.  Pastor Jason opened with the parable of The Good Samaritan and one of our team volunteers... Read More
  Day 2 – A Day of Preparation We began our day at 7:00 A.M. in the Jade Salon for our morning devotional and organizational meeting. Jason, our team pastor, opened by reading a parable from the book of Matthew 24: 36-44.  This parable teaches the need to be prepared as no one knows the day or... Read More
Day 1 Team Kincaid/Tysse Village Team   Our team gathered this morning at 6:30am, refreshed after a good night’s sleep. We began our morning devotional at 7:00am. Jason, our team Pastor began with a reading from Matthew chapter six with God’s reminder to not worry, as God takes care of the... Read More