Surgery Inglesby 1 Antigua

Tom, Cathie, and Laurel after handing out Faith In Practice ID badges to all.Pat welcoming previous and new Team 603 members.A family reunion for Bob(our blogger), Carolyn (Savannah), and daughter Kristen (Minneapolis)Dave, Ann, and Nick catch up while waiting for our 45+ trunks of medical supplies to clear customs.Craig, our Team Spiritual Leader is also an excellent porter.Hugs for all returning team members!Lydia from Faith In Practice greets everyone with a bottle of cold water and delicious sandwich as we board bus for Antigua.Arrival in Antigua! Time for dinner and early turn in...breakfast will be at 6! Buenas NochesSaturday we are up with the birds for breakfast and morning devotion.Dan and Cam visit with Jaime from Faith In Practice.Ann, a pediatric doctor, is also pretty good with technology and helps Tom get the music started! Jud and Debbie lift their voices.Craig leads us in prayer reminding us to look at our hands, look at the hands of those we meet, reach out, hold fast what is good.Pat, Ann, and Gloria ready to do just that!Dave and Denise all smiles!Jeremie and Nicolas have joined us from Switzerland and will run the Audiology Clinic this week.Some fun at morning meeting.We arrived at Virgen Del Socorro for a tour.Virgen Del Socorro is a recently built, beautiful home for 247 permanently disabled patients who could not be cared for by their families.Monica, one of the many angels here, gave us a tour of Socorro, asking that we not take photos with a few exceptions.Volunteers like this music teacher give their time and talents for the enjoyment of the 3-90 year old folks who live at Socorro.Two more angels who keep this home spotless and fold mountains of clean laundry!Stuart introduces himself to one of the beautiful abuelas (grandmothers)...and holds fast to what is good!Music and dancing was part of our visit.This volunteer spends mornings with the grandfathers watching football, reading the newspaper, and talking about life.Sunday began with a glorious breakfast, morning devotion welcoming the last few members of our team....and an outstanding Team 603 group photo taken by FIP's official team of photographers with us in Antigua this week!Today is Sunday--Triage Day. Finally we will meet our patients and determine how we can help them.Our Anesthesia Team has a group prayer before heading to the hospital...and smile for my camera!Jo and Lorna barely had time to unpack, receive their big welcome hug, and head to the hospital.Members of our Pharmacy and Nursing Team pose before entering "The Obras", our hospital.Katie, Jud, and Nick are joined by exuberant Lydia who is here with her brother and mother seeking help (notice Brian, one of the REAL FIP photographers in background).This mother carries her son, who cannot walk, into the Obras to be seen. Look at their magnificent smiles!We enter the open courtyard, sun fills the space, and we are led in prayer by Craig and Jaime... as we bow our heads and take the hand...of the person next to us...thanking God for this chance for all of us to be healed.I met Edbin and Jackin who were happy to have a family photo taken. They are here so little Ulises can be seen by our ENT Team.Mirna and her daughter Celeste will see our Audiologists to have Celeste's hearing and hearing aid checked. They live "very close", in Peten which is 4 hours away by bus. They have been looking forward to this day!I was not able to understand this gentleman's language (there are 21 indigenous languages here). He was happy to pose for me and kissed my hand after I took his picture.I think this handsome lad is here to see our Audiology Team. After a little game a peek a boo around the column, he was happy to have his picture taken.Nicolas, Jeremie, Jaime, and Paola grab donated supplies and head to the Audiology ClinicJeremie peeks in what will be his office for the week. Today he and Nicolas are scheduled to see 20 returning patients who need to have their hearing checked and hearing aids repaired or replaced.92 year old Rosita is here to have her hearing aid repaired. She awakens every day at 4am and preaches outside her home to those in her village on their way to work. If she misses a day they call on her to see what is the matter. They do not remember a time before Rosita prayed for them.After repairing her hearing aid so it is like new, Jeremie shows her son Abraham how to adjust the volume. We discover William is also Rosita's son. He says they have all looked forward to this day! William was happy to pose with Jose, an FIP interpreter, and Nicolas-- The Three Amigos !"I thank you and I thank God for this gift, thank you for the good you do here for our people. You are beautiful." Juan is very interested in all that goes on in the Audiology Clinic!Remember exuberant Lydia? She is here with her brother, Josue. News travels fast in their small village.They heard an FIP clinic was coming and are happy to be here.Nick, Katie, Lorna, and Jud are ready for their first patients.This trunk full of love is contains 115 knitted hats from St. Bernard's Knitting Guild, NJ and baby blankets and arm splints made by Betty Holck in Savannah,GA. On my way through the courtyard, I find Craig with his arms full of little Ulises. Both are quite content!David and Jennifer continue to amuse themselves while waiting for Ulises' turn with the doctor.I can see my reflection in Diego's dark brown eyes.Marte and mother Maria tell me about their colorful handmade "huipiles" or blouses, which signify they are from San Martin. Our patients come to the Obras in their best clothing. Fred and Marcie were so pleased to have 15 year old Dani as their interpreter in the ENT clinic. Since volunteering, Dani has decided she'd like to study medicine and become a pediatrician. Dani helps Fred with information in Esdras's file.With the help of Mama and Papa, Fred examines Ulises and determines there is no infection. Ulises is referred to the Audiology Clinic.Dan puts this young patient at ease in the Plastics Clinic.Parents' of 3 month old Santiago are happy he will our Plastics Team's first patient tomorrow.Santiago was born with afinger sized polyp growing from his left nostril. That was removed, but it seems the polyp continues to grow and protrudes into his mouth making swallowing and even breathing difficult at times. In the Dental Clinic, Veronica had 4 cavities filled. Next week, she will be fitted for and receive a device to cover her open palate. A removable device is the best fix for her so a call was made to next week's dentist to bring all necessary supplies. Veronica is thrilled.Dianne says Heraldo is both an excellent interpreter and Spanish teacher!Joey, one of the general surgeons, listens as Juan describes the difficulty sleeping and discomfort which has brought him here.Juan's large neck cyst will be removed this week and he is very grateful to Joey and all in the room!Felipe smiles with relief that his hernia operation can take place in March. He is 72 and works the land. "My wife is not well, I must bring in the coffee and corn from the field. I will lose my harvest if this operation must be done now." Joe made sure Felipe will be cared for in March, after the harvest.It has been a long, incredible day and the team is ready to go home. But I had one more surprise...Bob, our blogger, was describes an incredible little girl he met in the Plastics Clinic. After her examination, she gave everyone in the room a hug and warm smile. Her name is Ruby.RUBY!!! I know RUBY from last year! I went flying to the courtyard hoping she is still here and there she was! Both she and her mother recognize me right away! We hug and remember the time we spent in the recovery room last year coloring and blowing bubbles!Ruby and her mother speak Spanish...but not my Spanish! Seeing we needed help, 2 folks jumped in to help us. After last year's procedure Ruby is so happy, she is able to talk and she has friends. Math is her favorite subject. Ruby will see our dentist and come back next week to see Scott for a follow up procedure. There could not have been a better ending to an already incredible day! It is Monday and we experience Antigua's morning rush hour as we walk to the Obras.We arrive for our first day of surgery--all hands are on deck! Marcie helps Fred into his surgeons scrubs. Suzanne prepares instruments for first of 6 ENT procedures.Dave and Joey collect needed items for the 11 general surgeries they will perform.Jane and Ann smile for the camera knowing the day will soon get very busy.Sara prepares medicines in the pharmacy.Cam is helped by Obras staff to get OR#3 ready. Sarah double checks the equipment in OR#2.Craig offers prayers to those in the Pre-op room.  All offers are greatly accepted. One needn't understand the words when they feel God's love.Love by letting Him love through us.There was a noticeable calm that came with Mileydi's bright smile after her prayer with Craig in pre-op.What the team has been waiting for...LET THE SURGERIES BEGIN!Otto watches as Alba and David begin the first of 5 laparoscopic gall bladder removals in OR#2. Incredible to watch Dave maneuver with the laparoscopic tools. Jo assisted Joey in bringing relief to patients suffering from hernias in our other General Surgery OR#4.3 month old Santiago is gurgling happily playing with his Papa as they wait for surgery. He is enjoying the knit hat and blanket made by friends in NJ and GA, sent with love for our littlest patients.Santiago looks around with great curiosity when brought to the Plastics OR. The team will remove a polyp growing from inside his upper lip.In just a few careful minutes, Dan has removed Santiago's polyp and happily reports there are no complications. After a few stitches, this adorable baby is lovingly carried to the PACU where he will gently wake and be reunited with his anxious Papa. Dan's Team also removed this cancerous growth (photo credit to Denise!) which was repaired with a skin graft from front of the patient's ear. This will yield best results and patient will return next week to have stitches removed by our week 2 team. Hoping their will be an "after" picture for you to see!Dan, like all our medical staff, treats each patient with care and respect assuring they will be happy with the outcome.This young woman asked to please have this keloid removed from her ear.  This is the before picture.Here is the after photo! After swelling goes down ear will be even more beautiful. Some of our heroes in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). They help our patients wake up after their procedures.Today's MacGyver award goes to Ann! Knowing Santiago was hungry, but not allowed to nurse for another hour, she used a rubber glove and glucose solution to keep him happy.Julie was happy to take over the MacGyver rubber glove and glucose to soothe Santiago in the PACU. He also loved her singing even though it was in English. He felt secure and loved.Alejandro's mom was so happy his surgery went well. She wrapped her arms around him and soothed him, loving him as we love our children.67 year old Marino was all smiles in the PACU after having his gall bladder removed laparoscopically. "I feel GREAT! Thank you and thank God for what you are doing here. Gracias, gracias."Rub a dub dub, Marcy's in the tub scrubbing after a case in the ENT OR#1.We head to the Dentist's Clinic and look who we find in the x-ray chair...RUBY! She is here to have cavities filled before a procedure next week with our plastics team.Ruby had a double appointment (her mother gave up her spot for Ruby) during which Will filled 4 cavities and pulled a baby tooth. As a reward for Ruby's bravery, she received her own set of rubber gloves...she was THRILLED!Ruby asked to have a picture with Will, gave everyone in the room her signature wonderful hug, and was on her way!Today was full of love and healing...time for us thank God, to count our blessings, and have sweet dreams.Today is Tuesday! We welcomed to the Obras by a flock of pigeons circling above us, this after a morning devotion about being sheltered under God like eagle's wings.Morning rounds begin with Dan checking patient who is thrilled with her ear revision.Epifanio takes Fred's hand and reports, "I feel very good, I felt very healthy right after my surgery. I thank you, I thank God."Lydia and David are greeted by Marino's big smile (remember from yestrerday's PACU?). He is so grateful and prays that God blesses them and our team. Egualimente!Ann, our pediatrician, is checking Oscar first thing!Mama is so pleased, she gives Ann a big hug. Until yesterday, Oscar had been "tongue tied" meaning his tongue did not move easily until Dan performed a frenulectomy. Now Oscar will have an easier time speaking and pronouncing words clearly.Humberto, Marino, and Epifanio are anxious to talk as their breakfast is being served and bed linens changed. All 3 gentleman are very happy to be here and to have been treated by such excellent doctors. Without Faith In Practice, they would not be able to afford the surgeries they had. Now they will be able to return home and work to take care of their families. Our Gastroenterology Clinic (made up of Mary, Lorna, Jud, and Jaimie) has been busy performing colonoscopies and endoscopies. Here they are preparing to remove a juvenile polyp from a 4 year old.While this child slept peacefully, Nick found and removed a polyp. When the child arrived, she was frightened but was well cared for...after the procedure she recognized Jud in the hall and gave him a hug of thanks!Nurse Herna keeps beautiful Bertha company as Bertha waits for a colonoscopy. "I know these doctors are the best. God will take care of us." First case for Joey is removing a tangerine sized cyst from the back of 67 year old Juan's neck. I remembered taking Juan's photo on triage day.Here is the before picture. In a short amount of time the cyst is removed, subcutaneous stitches are made...and Alba finishes by applying a glue to the surface before a bandage is applied!Here Scott, the anesthesia provider, watches as Juan's cyst is removed. I am always impressed with the generosity of the medical staff--teaching and learning from each other.Gloria updates Juan's chart.Our Pretty in Pink Pharmacy Team is ready for another busy day!In OR #1, ENT Fred looks at xrays for the next patient.The patient is prepared for surgery to remove a large cyst on his right cheek that has grown steadily for 3 years. Next photo is a bit graphic...Today's MacGyver Award goes to Fred who used a sterilized soup spoon as a retractor when removing this cyst!Tom, the anesthetist, had never seen that done before...nor had Jacqueline, who is usually an anesthesia provider but who volunteered to be Fred's assistant and held the spoon! After 3 1/2 hours, a tennis ball sized fatty cyst was removed, the wound closed, and our patient was wheeled to the PACU.Caught Jane documenting today's fashion while she was on break!This beautiful family has come from nearby town of Santiago to see our audiologist.Maria is hoping to be fitted for a hearing aid.Nicolas is hard at work in the Audiology Clinic. He and Jeremie have been working until dark to be sure each patient who has come so far is seen.Bacilio and his daughter have come from Peten. It took a whole day of travel. Without the help of FIP they could not make this trip as transportation alone would have cost about $50 each. They are here with other people from their area and thank Juan who is their Red Hat Volunteer." Without him, we would not know what to do and where to go. He is very kind."Bernabe is 12. He was given 2nd hand hearing aids as a little boy, but they broke. A person promised to fix them, but never returned them. That was 5 years ago.Jeremie quickly fits Bernabe with 2 new hearing aids. Using hand signals, clapping hands and almost no words, Jeremie programs these life changing devices.Bernabe learns how to adjust and...wear his new hearing aids.  A final check is done to be sure the hearing is...the same in each ear. Bernabe's smile is ear to ear. His mother is relieved. She will no longer worry that the teachers and kids will bully her brave son at school.How incredible to witness this most important day, for both Bernabe and Jeremie!It has been a long and blessed day. We thank God for his love, the love of our team, and the love of our patients. We send you blessings from this far away, amazing place up on a mountain, closer to God. Hope your dreams are sweet as Alejandro's soothing popsicle! Buenas Noches!MUCHAS GRACIAS to our Cinderellas (where's Becky?) who work all day so that our team eats well and stays healthy. Without them our medical staff could not share their talents with the deserving people of Guatemala. Thank you from the bottom of our happy tummies!Found Becky! She was in the kitchen with Carolyn preparing tonight's fish and cheese grit feast!It is Wednesday and Bob, our blogger, heads to the Audiology Clinic where all chairs are full. Jeremie and Nicolas begin their work day about 8am and stay until the last patient has been helped--often 8pm! Their dedication is greatly appreciated. Here are more waiting to see our audiologists. All wait patiently, sometimes for hours, with no complaint. "We have prayed for help from God and he has sent you. We are so grateful for this help and gift of a hearing aid that we could never afford on our own. God blesses us and God bless you."Nicolas welcomes the next patient. The gift of hearing will change the life of every patient, their family, and their community.Outside the Gastroenterology Clinic we find more people waiting patiently for their turn. "Thank you, thank you for coming and helping our people. We work very hard, but we are very poor. May God bless you for coming here to help us."Nick happy to help!Maria, Lorna, Jud, and Nick perform up to 9 endoscopies/colonoscopies per day. They are kind to each patient, some very nervous, as they perform these procedures. Outside our Dental Clinic the chairs are full. Because dental care is expensive, some of Will's patients are getting their teeth cleaned for the first time. Most patients have multiple cavities to be filled, teeth to be pulled, and some need....cosmetic improvements. This young man has a chipped, discolored front tooth. Will works hard to rebuild this damaged tooth, changing from one to another tool, working with such precision until this tooth is perfect!Look at Wilmer's new smile! When Wilmer held up the mirror to see for himself at once, he sees a new smile, but seems to recognize his old self. With his restored smile, there is a quiet joy, new confidence, and lightness. Will often hides behind his dentist's mask to keep all from seeing how these transformations affects him emotionally. "Thanks be to God and thanks to Dr. Will who has helped me." Miguel Angel was so happy to pose with Joey, thanking him over and over for repairing his painful hernia. "I can return to work and provide for my family! God bless you, God is good!" shouts Miguel Angel joyously!Granddaughter and Herminia are enjoying a walk in the sunshine. David removed Herminia's gall bladder Monday. "All have been so kind. How fortunate I am to have this surgery. I feel well. Thank you, God, for this place and these people."Scott is the anesthesiologist in one of our General Surgery rooms. Scott is thankful for his blessings and comes on FIP trips to give back, to share his talents to help those in need.A patient is walked to the OR by one of the Obras staff. They speak quietly in Spanish, often laughing, before climbing up on the operating table with a smile, knowing things will be better when they wake up.Stuart leads OR#3 in a prayer before the procedure begins.Jacqueline, Denise, and Cam ready for first patient in Plastic Surgery OR.This young woman's lip was disfigured when a she was caught in the middle of a drive by shooting. Dan and team will work to refine the failed skin graft done in the Guatemala City Hospital. Next photo is a bit graphic...After hours of painstaking work, Dan successfully removed old skin graft, reconstructed lip, and injected fat from abdomen. In 10 days stitches will come out, swelling will be down, and 28 year old Yessica will have a beautiful, symmetrical smile.Yesterday's Pretty in Pink Pharmacists have opted for G.I. Jane army green today as they do battle against patients' pain! Here David performs first of 7 gall bladder removals with Katie's help.Jo and Gloria prepare OR#4 between hernia repairs and lipoma removals (7 cases today).Our PACU/TLC Team ready for their first patients to be wheeled in after surgery. They are professional and sweet and gentle as our patients slowly awaken in an unfamiliar place.Pastor Craig has comforting words and sweets for all!Mauricio gives our whole team a big thumbs up after a facial scar revision. "This means so much to me. Thank you for this help. Please thank Dr. Dan for his good work."Lydia is not only an excellent PACU nurse, she speaks fluent Spanish. She is able to soothe our patients in their own language. Here is a better shot of a calm, happy patient being gently led to the General Surgery OR. Another long, incredible day of successful procedures comes to an end. We all agree with Lorna, it has been a double thumbs up day. Thank you, God, for this day of blessings! It is Thursday and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to our loved ones! Here are some of our Team 603 Valentines...Debbie and JudDavid and DeniseDan and CamCarolyn and BobScott and JaneBecky and Joeyand Team 603 Mom and Dad, Cathie and Tom!Laurel began our Valentines Day explaining how Bible Story Blankets are used around the world to share God's love.Craig shared his love and God's love with the beautiful babies and mothers waiting for their turn at the various clinics set up in the Obras.Many children are born with cleft lips/palates due to mothers' diet lacking folic acid. These beautiful babies are ostracized in a country with few services. They are always welcomed and loved by our Faith In Practice team members.We are all created and loved by God. This little boy was at first afraid of me. I realized long ago, in this country I am the stranger with light hair and eyes. After some talk and smiles, we became friends!As people of all ages waited, Craig offered comforting prayers and...all were accepted...and appreciated.On our final day of surgeries,  our team readied themselves. Here, Stuart offers a prayer in OR#1.Marcy, team member, and Lesbia, Obras staff, haven enjoyed working together this week!Johnson & Johnson has shown their love by donating this incredible drill that Fred will be using for the first time today. Having this drill opens the possibilities of surgeries that can be offered our ENT patients. The drill will be used for a tympanomastoidectomy on a 14 year old patient. Fred and team will alleviate the suffering he has lived with for 12 years. Thank you Johnson & Johnson!I marvel at volunteers like scrub tech, Suzanne. She leaves her family, work, to come and give of herself, but never really meets the patients she helps. She comes to give back and share God's love.Allison, one of our pharmacists, alleviates the pain of people she will never meet. She gives God's love and her own using her skilled hands to help.Remember this trunk of love? It is my job to distribute the beautiful handmade baby blankets from my Mom in GA and the 115 hand knit hats from church friends in NJ to the littlest patients we meet this week. We had very few children, though.Daylin's Papa was happy to choose a hat and blanket as he waited for her to wake from her surgery. "Please thank the ladies who made these beautiful gifts for my daughter. She may keep them? Everyone has been so kind. May God bless you all."7 year old Catlhyn's mom was snuggled up with her. Her mother is so happy that infected adnoids and tonsils will no longer plague her sweet daughter. She marveled at the cozy blanket and finely knitted hat. " Thank you for all these gifts. May God bless you."No kids needing hats in the pre-op room, but lots of smiles!Paola has some free minutes we spend in the ladies ward. Nidia is so grateful to David for removing her painful gall bladder. "I am happy and have been treated so well by all." She looks forward to returning home where she cooks for an extended family of 25!"Thank you to the doctor. I have strength now to go home, this was my prayer." Her husband works hard, but jobs do not pay well. Nidia embroiders bright huipiles (trad. blouses) from home and she loves this work. She was taught by her mother starting at 8 years old.Next was tiny Maria. She cannot believe she has been so lucky to have this operation, that she has been given a hearing aid, and she has been treated with such kindness. She begins to cry as she remembers when she was cold last night, the nurse brought her a 2nd blanket! With tears in my eyes, a voice whispers, "115 beautiful hats!"I bring the knitted hats and ask each patient to pick one for themselves or a loved one. I explain this is how my friends send their love! Maria like this one as it reminds her of a rainbow!Lidia chooses a blue hat that she will share with her daughter. She is passing on her embroidery skills to her hija.Nidia thinks this pink and green suits her best. There is fun and giggling as the ladies are encouraged to search for the perfect hat for them. The Obras is open to the weather which means if one ward is cold at night, they must all be! I ask Kristen to help with the hat distribution as we visit another ward.The hat parade continues...until every covered...and every heart is full of love...knowing God and a stranger has sent such blessings on this Valentine's Day!Thoughtful Nick and Jud surprise the team with a Valentine's cake which is almost as the dinner and cupcakes prepared lovingly by our Cooking Team. As they say here, "Que Rico!" which I think means YUM! Tom is visiting with Gabriel Jose at our hotel. Tom and his wife Kathryn sponsor this cutie and Tom visits with him each year when Tom returns to Guatemala with Faith In Practice.Can you feel the love? Tom's big arms envelope Gabriel, his mom, a social worker and other sponsored children. Friday is here! We gather for our last breakfast, last devotional, and last trip to the Obras for Doctors to do their last rounds.This is our last chance to buy FRESH goat milk outside the Obras!Dan is thanked by a grateful Mileydi! She and her husband are so happy with her results having had a keloid removed from her ear.Dan and Cam pose with Jeremy who will be breathing much easier after these bandages come off.Years ago, a doctor repaired Jeremy's cleft lip, but since then his nose has become misshapen. Dan knew he could improve Jeremy's ability to breathe... straighten his nose, and greatly improve the look of Jeremy's nose. After 3 1/2 hours of a multi step procedure, Dan gave Jeremy a handsome nose that will work perfectly! Fred checks on this little patient who is full of smiles after having her adenoids and tonsils removed.Fred humbly accepts this patient's thanks, "May God bless you and be with you, thank you for your help, Doctor." Juan Jose will be checked by the incoming team tomorrow and will head home. He appreciates the  3 1/2 hour procedure Fred performed to have a large cyst removed from his cheek. "Thank you so much for helping me. God has sent you and we are grateful. Thank you for your help. God be with you and bless you always."Rounds are completed so we board a bus to the happiest place on earth. We arrive at a home for children who have been abandoned by their families and are being raised by 2 biological sisters who are Catholic nuns. These amazing mamas love and raise more than 75 children, many with special needs, to be the voice of their generation.Every child left here is a gift from God and becomes a loved part of this incredible family.The little ones love when one of their Mamas blows bubbles for them!The smiles are contagious on these angelic faces!Even these angels can get into mischief. I drop everything when I saw this little one head first in the well. I run to grab him as the other children are yelling, " Grifo, Grifo!". This means "faucet"! I realize this is no longer a true well, but a faucet the kids use to grab a quick drink of water. Phew!Sarah and friends find a shady spot to listen to music.It is lovely to see the older children looking out for the little ones.We help the children pick something green from a tree, they peel these, crack them with a rock and present us with fresh macadamia nuts!The children delight in showing Mama a funny video they made!Sarah, Johanna, and Sara happily have their hands full.I met these 12 year olds when they were just 3! I look forward to seeing them every year, especially Angel and his twin sister Arao, whom we sponsor.I can't wait until next year's visit to the happiest place on earth.If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please call the Isle of Hope Methodist Church (912-355-8527).Tonight is our final banquet. This time tomorrow most of will be home with our dear ones. Only a week ago we needed our red shirts and name tags to identify one another. We needed a map to get to and from the hospital. We needed cheat sheets to speak basic Spanish. In one short week, we have become a team and a family, we have helped our patients and helped one another. We have seen amazing transformations in ourselves and our patients. This is dear Ruby just one year ago. She never spoke, never smiled and her mother said she wished for friends.After last year's procedure, Ruby is transformed. She is light and happy, smiles all the time, gives those amazing hugs, has the highest GPA in school and has many friends. Team 603 thanks you for coming along on this journey. We hope you will join us next year with your prayers, donations of any kind (blankets, hats, hearing aids, drills, etc!), and especially your talents. Come experience life on this mountain...where all are equal, we heal and become healed ourselves, and we are all bathed in God's love. I promised tiny Maria I would share her thanks with Team 603. "You are all good people. I thank you for answering my prayers. God takes care of us and guides our path. Thank you for leaving your friends and family to be with us. I have never been on an airplane and I pray it brings you home safely to those you love. God will bless you and protect you. Thank you!"

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