Surgery Gill Antigua

DFW AirportAirportDFW AirportGuatemala City AirportBreakfast at La CupulaGuatemala City AirportBus Ride to Quinta De Las FloresBreakfast at La CupulaBreakfast at La CupulaBreakfast at La CupulaHotel La CupulaShopping at the marketTriageArriving at Las Obras HospitalJoshuaLinda McCarty with the teamTeam PhotoTriageEnjoying cookies at triageAnesthesia interviewsPutting a cast on baby CelesteAnesthesia interviewsTriageDental Clinic suppliesAnesthesia interviewsTriageTriageTriageTriageJoshuaUnpacking suppliesSetting up the pharmacyAnesthesia TeamIn the OROrthopedic surgeryGynecological surgeryPatient JuanPatient AlissonPostop recoveryDental ClinicWaiting for surgeryPraying with patients before surgeryPharmacyPostop recoveryOrthopedic surgeryPostop recoveryAdministrationOrthopedic surgeryGynecological surgeryOrthopedic surgeryGynecological surgeryPostop recoveryCooking teamWanted a toothbrushKeeping bright smilesJuan in the recovery wardThe GYN teamCristofer after surgeryAlisson after surgeryRecovery wardRecovery wardMorning devotionsMorning devotionsJaqueline before surgeryByron in the ORX-ray of Byron's tumorConsulting with a pediatric patientAwaiting surgeryAwaiting surgeryGynecological surgeryOutside the OROrthopedic surgeryPresurgical prayerA future artistVilma serving her Guatemalan dinnerMorning devotionsPostop checkupPostop checkupAlisson gets to go homeAnderson was all smiles todayEdy prepares for surgeryPreparing Baby Celeste for her procedureJoshua in preopElsa waiting for surgeryThe Red TeamThe Dental TeamPostsurgical report to familyBarbecuing for the Team dinnerMorning roundsCrazy Scrubs DayCrazy Scrubs DayCrazy Scrubs DayCrazy Scrubs DayPostsurgical roundsBaby Delmi and concerned PapaPresurgical prepCrazy Scrubs DayBaby Delmi before surgeryReady for cast placementPlacing cast on Baby DelmiLuis waits patiently for his procedurePACUCrazy Scrubs DayCrazy Scrubs Day with GumbyCrazy Scrubs DayPostop roundsPostop roundsElsa is ready to return homeMarjolaine after surgeryPostop roundsPostop roundsPostop roundsLuis after surgeryPostop roundsVisiting the Casa de Angeles orphanage

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Thursday was our last day of surgery.   Today the physicians conducted rounds in the morning to check on previous patients who had not been released yet.   Most patients return home within 1-2 days.   Any patients that require further care will be seen by the next Faith in Practice team. One... Read More
Today is our last day of surgery. This morning Team 606 members were invited to share their experiences and thoughts from the week. Mark – I felt such positive energy with the team.  Seeing the magic that you do, I realized how God’s hands were surrounding you.  T-Ann – We had an orthopedic... Read More
This morning we reviewed the story of Mary and Martha found in John 12:1-8.   1"Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, the hometown of Lazarus, whom He had raised from the dead.  3Then Mary took about a pint of expensive perfume, anointed Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair... Read More
At morning devotions, we learned about Albert E.N. Gray’s study of successful people, summarized in his book, “The New Common Denominator of Successful People.”  His study found two common denominators:  (1) Know yourself; (2) Know your priorities. In the story of Haggai, God commanded His... Read More
What a wonderful way to start the day – singing “Great Are You, Lord”!  Our devotions are held outdoors in the early morning, and it is not unusual to hear the birds singing along with us. Pastor Dave reminded us of the first words of Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life, “It’s not... Read More
Sunday, February 24 – Day 3 Sunday morning, following breakfast, we gathered for worship and prayer.  We sang, “Here I Am to Worship,” which exemplifies our ultimate purpose here, worshiping our Lord through serving others.  Linda McCarty, President/CEO of Faith In Practice, was present to... Read More