Surgery Hartz/Hecht/Coke Retalhuleu

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Team 609 Day 9 Hike to Cerra De La Cruz At 6am this final morning in Antigua, everyone who still has some energy left gathers in the courtyard of the lovely Hotel for the traditional hike up to Cerra De La Cruz.  It’s a 20 minute walk through the town and up the stairs for a fabulous view... Read More
The Man in the Water
Roger Rosenblatt
Time Magazine January 25, 1982  As disasters go, this one was terrible but not unique, certainly not among the worst on the roster of U.S. air crashes. There was the unusual element of the bridge, of course, and the fact that the plane clipped... Read More
Meet Nineth and her amazing Hospital kitchen staff!  They make the most delicious food and, oh yes, the guacamole is amazing!  For years years I have been hearing about this amazing guacamole, every new team member hears about the amazing guacamole, and at 3pm every day there is a crowd... Read More
609 A Moment of Prayer As much I try to be everywhere to capture every moment, I know I can't be.  I am thankful for those on the Team with a good eye, a camera and the thoughtfulness to capture and upload incredible pictures! It is the day after surgery, these two gentlement walked out of the... Read More
609 Meet Drs. Pollina & Vergotine The week starts early for Drs. Pollina and Vee (Vergotine) and they get right to work seeing patients on Sunday!  85 children, ranging in age from three years old, will be seen in the dental clinic this week and all of the children are from a single school... Read More
609 Day 4 Surgery begins The patients are called one by one into the hospital while their families are gathered in the hospital courtyard.  Each patient is asked to change into a hospital gown and green socks and is given a bed to rest in before surgery.  The pre-op nurses are very busy now... Read More