Surgery Preston Antigua

Jaime orients the groupPaul presents at Casa de FeGroup photo at the Obras.  Ready to begin!Full attention at orientationThe honor of praying with those that put their trust in usPatients and families awaiting their turn for triage

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My husband, Carlos, and I arrived home on Saturday, March 16that about 6:00 pm, tired but grateful to be home and to have had such a productive and fulfilling week at Las Obras Hospital in Antigua.  Yesterday I was exhausted for much of the day until I took a late afternoon nap for an hour. It... Read More
     Today is an easier day for most of us, the exception being for those working in the OB/GYN services.  Their surgeries tend to be more in number and and longer in duration than the rest.  I so admire their team, their dedication and the competence they need for their frequently challenging... Read More
Remember in my first blog on March 7 when I was so stressed about getting ready and was needing to have faith? Wondering if I would be a good enough blogger? Wondering if I would I be able to handle the tech issues that would ultimately arise, as they always do with me? Wondering whether I... Read More
Tuesday – Market Day   It seemed to make sense to go to the market with our cooks Brenda, John, and Margaret both to see just how they begin every day in preparation for the amazing meals they serve us and also to see where the people of Antigua purchase the necessities of daily life. Our... Read More
Surgery Day 1   At long last the surgeries that both patients and Faith In Practice doctors and staff have been preparing for has arrived. For anyone who has experienced surgery you will understand and remember that there is a mixture of anticipation, worry, hope and utter terror that can... Read More
Triage Day – Sunday   Triage – for those who don't know what Triage means, as I didn't know, one of the doctors said it simply means “screening.” Almost one third to one half of the patients who were screened today had come from as far away as Petén, which is an area that borders Mexico and is... Read More