Village Estes Jalapa

Arriving at Guatemala airportTeam meeting at Casa de FeTeam meeting at Casa de FeBig FinanceArriving Guatemalavolunteers from out-of-stateFIP Team 611Bill Lent, Terry Estes, Joe and Vera WiattFIP Team 611 NewcomersFIP Team EstesLocal village volunteers erecting tarp for shade for waiting area...Wheelchair team ready to work...Pediatric Clinic Team...OB/Gyn Clinic Team...Pharmacy TeamLab techs ready for business...Dentist ready to open their doors...General Medicine Clinic TeamThe work begins to build a clinic...carrying in water...Breakfast at Las Farolas, energy for the day's work,,, Daniel Davidson, our spiritual leader and Carol Harris, our song leader...A heavy load,  local volunteer from the village...Arnaldo, FIP Nurse Practitioner helps with building the clinic... YEA Team Estes,  Terry Estes, Team AdministratorDental ClinicLocal villagers carrying in wheelchairs to be built when clinic opens...Ana in Cryo Clinic, local Guatemalan nurse trained in VIAA (Visual Inspection with acetic acid) explaining procedure to group of women....Monica with patient in GYN ClinicJoe in Dental Clinic extracting teeth on very young boy...Kathleen interviewing new patient in TriageOutside waiting Room...Melissa in Mobility Clinic assisting patient to clinic...Three patients waiting to go home in 3 "brand new wheel chairs" just assembled today...Mary, OB/GYN physician outside large tented waiting area...Dr. Bill Lent examining elderly lady...Red Caps, local village Guatemalan volunteersDr. Daniel Davidson with interpreter, Anneke Lemmon in Adult General Medicine Clinic...Line outside clinic upon arrival of bus...Kentucky Derby theme in "Best Dressed Scrubs", just horses...Kentucky Derby theme in "Best Dressed Scrubs", hats and horses...Line outside clinic upon arrival, Day1Three is shy...Building wheelchairsOutside waiting area for elderly and decreased mobility patients...Elderly and decreased mobility patients waiting to go inside clinic...Kay taking blood pressure...Lauren with elderly patient in wheelchair clinic....Dick and Carol building wheelchair....Small chapel across street from clinic in Alzatate Clinic....Best dressed scrubs, Mad Scientist...Beverly teaching use of walker...Dr. Dimmick consults with family in Pediatric Clinic...Elderly lady with walker...Dr. Davidson examining patient...Dr. King, Tom Lynch, interpreter, with patient....Pediatric ClinicTriage team waiting for patients, beginning of clinic day...Guatemalan women outside cllinic fence selling breakfast.....Patients at Aquacate waiting in line...These two guys, our bus drivers with whom we put our trust every morning...Triage team with Guatemalan volunteers (Redcaps)Kirk in Dental...Joe in Triage...YEA, Hector and Kitchen Staff...Line entering clinic, yellow slips to Registration...Vera in Triage...Brenda, taking patient's blood pressure in lab....Joe and Kirk pulling difficult teeth, four hands are better than two....Brian filling prescriptions...Jill assisting patient in lab...Bill, Alejandra (Interpreter) with patient...Joannie ( Nurse Practitioner), with interpreter, David, in Pediatric Clinic....Outside waiting area for pediatric patients....Ann in Adult Medicine Clinic consulting with patient...Dr. King,  Tom (interpreter) with patient...Pam in Pharmacy, filling prescriptions for patient...Misty and Laura (interpreter) in Wheelchair clinic....Long line when our bus arrives in clinic at Monjas...Elderly couple with limited mobility...Best dressed Scrubs theme, The Flintstones...Patient being half carried into clinic, assisted by family member and Guatemalan Red Cap volunteer.....Large group of Red Caps (Guatemalan local village volunteers)...Joe and Felipe in Triage....Complete staff at Dental Clinic, dentists, Guatemalan local volunteers...Arnaldo and Mystan in Adult Medicine ClinicCindy and Blanca building a wheelchair...Dick in wheelchair needs a push, little girl with club foot happy to oblige...A robust "NO" to "can I take your picture"...Dr. Leslie Struxness, Silvia (Interpreter), mother and daughter in Gyn Clinic...Dr. Mary Neal examining patient in Gyn Clinic...Dr. Peter Thompson in Gyn ClinicJoannie, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner assessing little girl...Wheelchair clinic volunteers, Beverly, Lauren and Melissa presenting patient with new wheel chair...Cindy and Bob Holloway building wheelchair.  Carol and FIP village volunteer building wheelchair...Joe and Vera returning to hotel after close of clinic..A great 25 year accomplishment....Bob Vela in TriagePhoto/Journalist, Joyce, showing FIP volunteer a little magic on the back LCD of the camera...Appreciation ceremony with FIP Volunteers, FIP Guatemalan staff and local village volunteers.  A sight to behold...Brian Dee, Pharmacist makes a Vitabox for children...Family member helping father sit in chair after arrival at clinic...Guatemalan FIP staff serenading FIP volunteers at Devotional...Nancy Thompson, Interpreter, with Peter in OB/GYN clilnic...Flat Stanley in Pediatric Clinic...Best Dressed Scrubs,"HOLLYWOOD", Glamour and Glitz 7 Graucho Marx's loading bus to village clinic...  Referral Team Referral Team with local village volunteers...Fausto, Security, taking patient to  her clinic...Dr. King with Tom, interpreter, putting brace on patients's let...

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To start this new day, a few inspirational words from Dr. Seuss (Theodore Seuss Geisel):  "To the world you may be one person: but to one person, you may be the world." For those who have not followed this team in previous years, a small explanation about the beginning of each clinic day. ... Read More