Surgery Robinson Antigua

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Day 6 We are in the midst of Lent, a very special time of year for the Guatemalans. The city of Antigua is decorated with purple banners hanging from the windows and there are purple flowers arrangements in many of the windows. Even the Jacaranda trees that seem to be in every square are in... Read More
Day 5 Today began with a bang literally when fireworks were set off at 6:00 AM. This was in keeping with the Guatemalan tradition of setting off fireworks to announce a birthday to the entire neighborhood! Happy Birthday Stephanie!   We were greeted at the door of the Obras as usual by the... Read More
Day 4 The day at the hospital began as we gathered together with the Guatemalan staff of the Obras. Padre Luis Saldana led us in prayer uniting us all together, reminding us of the joys and sorrows implicit in the important work that is done at the Obras. The physicians and translators then... Read More
The team was tested today.  On the way to the Obras a team member tripped fell and injuring her knee significantly enough that she was sent home with another team member to look after her. The staff of Faith In Practice was stellar in arranging the details and she was on an airlplane by 1:00... Read More
Day 2 Today was a day filled with anticipatory excitement. No one was late for breakfast or devotionals. We were all raring to get started. When we arrived at the Obras there was the usual flurry of choosing scrubs getting changed and in the tiny changing rooms.   For many members of the team... Read More
Sunday Day 1 Triage   After an early breakfast and devotionals the team walked over to the Obras to start a busy day of triage. All of the patients that would be scheduled for surgery this week were already waiting for us in a beautiful inner courtyard of the hospital. Many of them waived as... Read More