Surgery Providence Retalhuleu

Waiting for the bus to Casa de FeWe will spend many hours together...Tour of Casa de Fe with LesbiaWheelchair program explanationRuby and ElizabethLunch stop - are we halfway there yet?Cliff and JanetOR plan prep for tomorrowWaiting to be calledpre-oppre-opreceiving miraculous news!Cate in actionElizabeth explaining upcoming procedure to family

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The last morning at the hospital was spent rounding with patients who had not yet returned home.  We visited with the patients and their families, and thanked the hospital staff.  We took selfies with, and said farewells to our new friends before boarding the bus back to Antigua where we had a... Read More
Today we visited a daycare next to the hospital.  We were welcomed by shouts of "Gringo!, gringa!" as we entered the facility.  The children were excited to see us and greeted us with high-fives and a welcome song.  We were then invited to repay them with a song of our own.  After alternating... Read More
~~Let's talk about our part
My heart touches your heart
Let's talk about, let's talk about living
Had enough of dying, not what we're all about
Let's do more giving
Do more forgiving
Our souls were brought together so that we could love each other
... Read More
~~Stories from our wheelchair clinic:
Martha traveled with her family for three hours to come to the Wheelchair Clinic.  She was transported in the back of a covered Toyota pickup on a patio chaise lounge with an inflatable mattress. Martha fell a month ago and broke her hip.  Due to... Read More
~After a few minor hiccups and adjustments, we began our sugery day at the hospital. Understandably, most patients expressed anxiety about their procedures and what was to come. The surgeons and nurses rounded with them in pre-op and reassurred them. The spiritual team of Daneen and intrepeter... Read More
We began and ended our day with John Lennon.  Our spiritual team lead Daneen, invited us to center ourselves, listen to the lyrics, and reflect on what it means to us to Imagine.  We all shared one word to describe how we were feeling about the day.  Grateful, excited, humbled, anxious,... Read More