Surgery Mesen Antigua

Our team and our patients praying for each otherTeam orientation Los Obras Socialis del Santo Herman’s PedroMorning devotional Felicita at 80 years of age for hernia repairGoats being herded in Antigua Alan in op with Amy RN and Logan RN before knee surgeryVolcano Fuego venting in the eveningHappy surgeons -Drs Lowery, Murphy, and SwiggettTwo happy patients after knee surgeryBusy in pre op  at the start of our dayMore herdingDr. Tony Murphy with Jennifer and KathleenOur anesthesia staff before workElizaPre-op Team Celebration Dinner Team at celebration dinner Procession Float Celebrating Easter Mesen group photo

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Mesen Team. Wednesday and Thursday  April 3 and 4, 2019     Wednesday, as the camel said, “ hump day “. It was a busy, busy day. Sorry that I didn’t get a post out. Now it is Thursday evening. We are finished we our surgery for the week. We do not operate on Friday because we will drive to the... Read More
 Friends and Family,  I hope the photos are beginning to come through. A photo is worth more than a thousand of my words . Tuesday was our second day of surgery. Things are falling into a routine now. Everyone knows where all the instruments and supplies are located. Also where the bathrooms... Read More
Monday, the first day in the OR. Also April Fool's Day but nobody noticed because we were too busy. Breakfast at 5:30 then devotional at 6 AM. Then off to the Obras. We noticed that Volcano Fuego was letting off a little steam on the way in. The first day of surgery is always a little hectic.... Read More
  Friends and Family, Day 2. Sunday. Today is clinic day. We had our morning devotional after breakfast. Pastor Hector was speaking from Acts 2. We all felt an extended tremor. Not sure it qualified as an earthquake. It did underscore Hector’s message. We then walked to the hospital/church... Read More
Friends and Family,   DAY 1  Mesen Team 616.     3-30-19   This is the travel day for our mission team. Most of our team is from the Tampa area. A few come from Georgia, Michigan, Indiana and California. More about our team in future posts. We had a rendezvous at the airport in Guatemala City... Read More