Village Providence Quiche

First team photo in Dallas!

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Today was our last day seeing patients in Guatemala. We all met at 5:30am like we’ve been doing for the past four days where we went over announcements and our chaplain, Gustavo, led a reflection.  In El Pinal, we continued to see patients in general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and... Read More
Today, we went to the second village that we service named El Pinal. There was a stark contrast at this village in that there was a lot more patients with chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. There was also a lot of patients who had already sought medical... Read More
Our second clinic day was great! Everyone felt a little more comfortable with their role and what to expect.  One of the common complaints that we hear among the adult patients is ear pain and/or difficulty hearing. Treasure, one of our interpreters, was in charge of the ear lavage station.... Read More
Sunday 4/7/19 Today the team took an 8.5 hour bus ride to Chicamán, a small town in the El Quiché department of Guatemala which will be our home base for the next four days. El Quiché has historically been one of the most populous departments of Guatemala, of which about 88% of the population... Read More
Today our team spent our first day seeing patients in the town of San Sebastián de Beljou. We arrived at a local school where we then set up our make shift clinics, using things like desks for exam tables and drapes on ropes tied to the walls for curtains. We also met with our local Guatemalan... Read More
Today our 39 (?) volunteers spent their first full day in Guatemala in the town of Antigua, which is a small city surrounded by volcanoes that is rich in culture and, coincidentally, currently full of celebration for the Lent season.  In the morning we visited Casa de Fe, aka House of Faith.... Read More