Surgery Moorhead Antigua

Moorhead TEAM 619Wheelchair Team 619Adriana from PicayaMichelle and Bill assemble chairMike and Sue Noel wheelchair teamByron putting together wheelchairCrystal and patientPatients waiting on SundayMoorhead TriageTracy and BillJosue and 94 year old wheelchair  patientCharlotte, Nancy, Marcy and JulieDr. Moorhead and Aaron HaynesDr. Thompson and patientDr. Siller and Lenora WyrickDr. Fowler and Lorri Wolff in the pharmacyDrs. Chavez, Siller and Plavidahl and LenoraRobin, Dr. Selzman and MoniqueJulie and michelleJared and Otto at the ObrasCrystal and Diana with patient

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From April 6 to April 13, Dr. Cary Moorhead and Dr. Michael Moore traveled to Antigua, Guatemala with a 44-member team under the organization, Faith In Practice, to provide medical care to Guatemalan people who have no other access to health care. This was Dr. Moorhead’s tenth trip, and Dr.... Read More
Over the past year, Texas ENT Specialists accumulated over 300 used hearing aids donated by families of patients who no longer needed them or through the Texas ENT “buy back” program. Over 100 of these hearing aids were donated to Faith In Practice. Dr. Cary Moorhead led the team, and... Read More
Dr. Andrew Selzman, our team urologist, is serving for his first time in Guatemala.  On his first day of surgery he performed four surgeries called TURPs for enlargement of the prostate, a condition that makes it difficult or impossible to urinate without a catheter. Many of these men are... Read More
HOPE IN PRACTICE  The patients we see come with their family members, neighbors and friends from their villages from all over the country of Guatemala. They travel by boat, bus, car and on foot to come to our clinic. They are all looking for a solution to their ongoing medical problems. They... Read More
WHEELS  The wheelchair clinic is life-changing.  And not just for the patients. Victor’s story: Victor was playing soccer when he was caught in the crossfire of a nearby robbery and was shot in the back. At first, he did not know what had happened to him until he realized he could not move his... Read More
Sunday was a busy day. The doctors, nurses, translators, lay people and wheelchair team saw many patients in their clinics. The wheelchair team is a new addition to our group. Byron who received his wheelchair five years ago now runs the program now with Faith In Practice.  Dr. Noel and the... Read More