Surgery Woolf/Parsley Antigua


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Our youngest patient today was 6-year-old Franco. We were lucky enough to meet Franco on Sunday, and have been looking forward to seeing him all week. All of the patients the team has seen this week are special, but this child captured everyone's heart with his beautiful eyes and timid smile... Read More
After today's uplifting devotional, Dr. Parsley forewarned us that today was going to be a very busy, and trying day. Lots of surgeries on the schedule --- some easy, some tricky. We all headed to the hospital ready to put in the work. Little did we know that we would be on the receiving end... Read More
Another elderly woman, who we affectionately refer to as Mamá Coco, received a hip replacement by another team a month ago, and has been hospitalized at Obras Sociales ever since. Hospital staff told us that she had been depressed, and had pretty much given up. But Team 620 Woolf/Parsley swept... Read More
After breakfast at La Quinta de Las Flores, and a wonderful devotional led by Dr. Woolf, the team headed to Las Obras Sociales for the first day of surgeries.   I had the chance to hang out with the PACU team first thing this morning, and the first patient of the day touched everyone's heart.... Read More
¡Bienvenidos a Guatemala! Team 620 - Woolf/Parsely arrived safely in Guatemala. The team flight was pretty uneventful, but as soon as we hit the ground, we were craving some adventure. In his excitement to meet us, our bus driver locked his keys on the bus --- while we waited on the crowded ... Read More
Hitting the Ground Running On Sunday morning, the team spent the day screening patients. We met so many people from so many different backgrounds. Some patients live in Antigua, while some drove 12 hours to Antigua in hopes of receiving medical treatment. I met a sweet, elderly lady who broke... Read More