Surgery Anderson Antigua

Anderson Team 622Morning PrayerPreparing for TriageEddie and Dr. AndersonCharlotte visiting with children before preparing the OR'sJay giving gifts to the childrenCharlie passing out coloring pages while waiting for triageDr. Scott and Dr. Miller during triageJim passing out goodies to the childrenPage getting a chance to visit with the childrenSusan and Dr. Taylor in pre-opDr. Aquino, Dr. Kreidel, and Pam in pre-opJennifer keeping our schedule organizedAll smiles with Dr. KriedelDr. Torres during pre-op with TeyronDr. Torres taking a break to playDr. Villegas in pre-opPACU nurses leading the fun in "Pato, pato, ganso!"Pinata at Casa de fe to end Sunday - BeforeDuringAfterLanae, Charlie, and Apryl preparing for patients in PACUDr. Anderson working with Maria from FIP GuatemalaRounds to get the day startedPACU waking up with morning yogaOrtho talkJim Beam keeping the medications organizedTwo teams working together to provide specialized careGeneralOrthoLocal fruits brought to us by Page, Jay, and BobPaul keeping us focused at morning devotionalThe many faces of our patientsOn Wednesdays the PACU wears pink!The LindhsThe ScottsThe GilbreathsJason helping cut adult cast shoes to work for childrenVillegas Father/ daughter team in OR 3 today!Dr. Anderson's thoughts on GallbladdersMarilyn and Paul cooking away at Casa de FeJen at casa de feRound with Dr. Ignacio, Dr. Scott and Dr. WesselsLeslie, Dr. Miller, and Dr. ScottDr. Torres with one of her patientsJim with our PACU crewDr. Scott in Genetics clinicAnesthesia team Dr. Kreidel and Dr. Aquino

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While most of the team is involved in treating patients at Las Obras, several people headed over to Casa de Fe to bake bread and cookies for the families staying at Casa de Fe. Casa de Fe (House of Faith) serves as a haven for recovering surgical patients and their families who travel long... Read More
Pam, Susan, Apryl, Daryl, and all of those with Spanish language skills are the ones that facilitate the healing that takes place during our time here in Guatemala.  They are there when the patients are introduced to the physicians and they are often one of the last faces that a patient will... Read More
Before each major league baseball team takes the field, the grounds crew preps the playing surface.  They will take time to rake the infield, redraw the foul lines, prepare the mound, fill in the holes in the batter’s box, etc…  Everything is done to specified rules so as to prevent the field... Read More
No fine-tuned system is able to function without the proper fuel, and this includes a large surgical team.  Each morning the kitchen staff starts out before the sun rises. There are fruits to prepare, eggs to boil, and condiments to set out.  Before the surgical staff gets to perform their... Read More
Not every surgery performed is a result of an injury or birth defect.  Occasionally, the underlying issue that may require surgical correction is the result of a genetic disorder.  Of the more than 160 patients that were screened during yesterday’s triage session, at least three of the... Read More
Triage is a wonderful day of excitement for the children, their families and the team. Each starts the day with the utmost hope that lives will be changed and the greatest amount of good will be achieved.  However, it is also a very taxing day for everyone involved.  Throughout the day, the... Read More