Surgery Gallacher/An Retalhuleu

Team Gallacher-An #623

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  Guatemalan Mission Trip Saturday 11 May 2019 Today is our departure day, the last day of our Mission trip, time to head home. We had a great week of surgery and helped a lot of patients with there medical issues. It was a lot of work and a full schedule for everyone. It was an awesome trip,... Read More
Guatemalan Mission Trip Friday 10 May 2019 Mother’s Day is observed today in Guatemala, Happy Mother’s Day to all! We are in Antigua for our last day for a little R&R and shopping. We have our final dinner at the Casa Santo Domingo in a beautiful old stone structure which used to be a... Read More
Guatemalan Mission Trip Thursday 9 May 2019 Today is the last day of surgery on this mission trip. Many surgeries have been performed this week it has been a successful trip. I had the opportunity to follow several of the patients that were in clinic on Sunday. Through the beginning process... Read More
  Day 5 Guatemalan Mission Trip Wednesday 8 May 2019 Mid-week today with our third day of surgery, and all is good. We have had two successful surgery days, two more left on our mission trip. Some patients have already been discharged from the hospital ward. Patients' smiles are bigger than... Read More
Day 4 Guatemalan Mission Trip Tuesday 7 May 2019 Tuesday morning, surgeons make rounds to see the patients in the ward. OR circulators and scrub techs prepare the OR rooms for the first patient of the day. Anesthesiologist pull up medications and set up the workplace. The nurses in the pre-op... Read More
Day 3 Guatemalan Mission Trip Monday 6 May 2019  Our first surgery day is today, the reason for all of us volunteers to be here in Guatemala with Faith In Practice medical missions. Our scheduled patients are in the waiting area when we arrive at the hospital. All the medical staff get into... Read More