Village Johnson 2 Suchitepéquez

Meet the teamTour of Casa de FeBlessing to start first day of clinic in SamayacPharmacist Luisa Portugal starting day 1 in Triage Rev. Tomas Spath in TriageDr. Otoniel Recinos starting day 1 in TriageTeam Leader Linda Johnson in TriagePA Susan BonenClark getting ready for 1st of clinicsDr. Merrill Lewen setting up for 1st day of clinicsCraig Walker setting up the pharmacyPhysicians' team meetingDr. Rolando Camey with patientKatherine Allison in the lab with patientDr. Mary Berg with medical student Natalia PolukoffDr. Mary Berg and medical student Natalia PolukoffDr. Dilma Ruiz, Dr. Merrill Lewen and RN Marcela Lopez viewing ultrasoundDanilo, Jessica and assistant in the referrals unitGeorge Stancel in wheelchair construction areaPhysical therapists Kristel and MichelleGeorge constructing a wheelchairBeth Morrow constructing a wheelchairBeth Morrow in wheelchair construction unitTagni Li Moncada working TriageBus drivers who also assist pharmacy with patient contact pose with young red hat helper

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We finished clinics yesterday. The total of patients seen this week was 1,971! That's an incredible feat to applaud! Congratulations to all the volunteers! Today it was a 4-hour bus ride back to Antigua. Now is a good time to tell you about the team. However, there’s a disclaimer on my part.... Read More
Similar to the other days on this medical mission trip, we started with devotionals led by our team pastor Rev. Tomas Spath and assisted by Rev. Cassandra Dahnke. Cassandra, by the way, has been an exceptionally talented and helpful pharmacy technician for our pharmacist Luisa Portugal. Also... Read More
Today we started at 7am for our new location make-shift clinic in Escuela Of. Urbana Mixta No. 1, in the rural village of Pueblo Nuevo, Suchitepéquez. As the 2 buses of FIP volunteers approached the clinic we could sense the anticipation of the villagers lining the streets, in eager to be... Read More
Our first day of clinics was off to an incredible start ~ Faith In Practice volunteer doctors and specialists tended to 485 villagers. Today our specialist tended to 471 villagers. Again our Faith In Practice volunteers started early at our make-shift clinic at Nima 1. Children were treated by... Read More
Our day started at 5:45am with devotionals and then breakfast. We left IRTRA at 6:45am and arrived at 7:45am to see a long line of men, women, and children standing by the clinic doors waiting to see the Faith In Practice doctors. Our triage team worked diligently to interview the patients and... Read More
After an early rise in Antigua, with team devotionals and breakfast, at 8am we took off on a 4-hour bus ride in the direction of our hotel, Los Hostales del IRTRA in San Martín Zapotitlan, Retalhuleu, about 180 km west of Guatemala City. But first we stopped off to visit and and set up Faith... Read More