Surgery Davis Antigua

On the road again,oops on the bus again (year 7) with FIPSharing Faith in Practice stories.New volunteers!Two decades of volunteering.  Well done good and faithful servant.The fabric of our lives is now being woven together.Dale is another seasoned volunteer welcoming Heather back again.Everyone is pleased that Elo has come to make a difference.Elaine the angel of patience.A discovery of giving by a family of volunteers in the Davis Group.Great friends witnessing Rex at his  best.EloisaPastor JimLooking for guidance from above!Rex quietly dedicated.Bret dedicated to the art of listening.yes there is hard challenging work in mission work but also fun.Cookies shared with friends.Jacob is following the rule: drink bottled water.Pretty important information being shared.Such wisdom being shared.It's just a yawn, Juan is not yelling at his phone.remembering last year.The choir angels.The joy of sharing.All of usJaime  FIP leader3 muskateersOrganizing more detailsFirst time to the team really paying attentionSo thrilled to know he will heal here.Going into the Obras (hospital)Lidia a Faith in Practice leaderLearning from one anotherPonnavoluEloisaKarenMackenseeHeatherCindyRobertoEileenBrettJayso dedicatedeyes so focusedHealing hands and encouraging smileworking togetherRev explaining the xrayJoy in the results communicatingTHe outer space expertsuch concern over the tiny childalmost readychecking on the detailsBeginning with meticulous carechecking the xrays again and again and again and one more time againconcentratecommunicatelooking with great care and focusfrom one moment to the next looking and thinkingthinking and deciding the perfect strategyworking the planattention to the next stepgreat result...Well done good and faithful servant.Nico studying the challengeNico fixing the challengemeticulous notes covering every detailworking togetherone teeny tiny step at a timedressing for the xrayPonnavolu Eloisa Jacob togetherheads together for hours for the best outcomeJo always at attention to assistThe three amigos from outer space bringing in the metal hip partsGetting the perfect screw to keep the hip socket in placeTime for the adjustment of the medication working hardFaith In Practice and Obras anesthesiologist Williamfixing the cast for the breathe of life to continueMama's healing hands touching her preciousthe keeper of the equipment for surgeryjoy and passion for what they doElainperfect attention to detaila moment to relax Mackensee llovingly nurtures and reassures the tiny childlife outside the Obrasthe healing touchThe entrance to the ObrasMama's watchful eye.part of the walk to the Obrasthe local peopleattention to detailswatching the team complete exacting tasks

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Open my eyes that I may see more clearly the loving grace of God. Why volunteer, why come on a medical mission to Antigua, Guatemala?  The surgeon wanted to feel appreciated.  I work so hard to heal a patient in the states.  The Guatemalans and Mayans are so grateful and pleased with what we... Read More
All God’s Creatures have a place in the choir. That is a song that I taught my Sunday school children. The words continue;  All God’s creatures have a place in the choir, some sing low and some sing higher, some sing out loud on the telephone wire and some just clap their hands or paws or... Read More
I waited patiently for the Lord. He inclined to hear my prayer.
I wish to convey the commitment of the volunteers and the trust of the Guatemalan people and the Mayan people who come to the Obras looking for healing.  I see the fleeting look in the eyes of the people. And just as I start... Read More
A Time For Everything. There is a time to be busy, to work, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  There is also a time for reflection and prayer.  We are lead in our faith by example.  Jesus spent time serving his fellow man, healing the blind, including the out-cast, sharing his knowledge of... Read More
What an amazing day this Sunday has been. Jim our messenger from God, pastor, the importance of prayer. His young 7-year-old son had been diagnosed with a virulent cancer with a challenging prognosis. The stress and the worry to do the best that he could humanly do to save his child was like... Read More