Surgery Cameron Retalhuleu

Group PictureDon't worry guys, Blanca will show you how it is done!Paige is sharing his past experience with Jerrysweet thing!Chang, Daniel and Chelsea doing an anesthesia pre-op consultWaiting to see the doctorA lolli helps pass the time when you're here all day so that your parents can bring your grandmother to the doctorGetting the recovery room all readyBlanca knows EVERYTHING about wheelchair assembly G & Stephanie discussing a patientDaniel conversing with a couple waitingAnticipating what the day will bring...Monica and Ann getting the operating rooms all stockedChelsea, Chang and Janiece lining up another surgeryFun scrub cap!Wheelchair TeamTraditional dressWaiting...x2!Our anesthesiologists Our fearless leader at work!Dr. Stephanie playing with a patient's childReady to start operating!Here we go!Working hard!Even the photographer gets in the picture every once in a while!Recovery roomKathy monitoring the patientCam in action!Dr Kim looking intense!Dr Patty and Kristel in the wheelchair clinicNew wheels!Blanca making some adjustments...The kids were having a marvelous time while waiting...Everyone wanted to be in the pictur3e!Waiting for a wheelchairWaiting room at wheelchair clinicanother satisfied customer!Our GYN got out of the office and into the ORConcentrate!I can do the OR too!Rise and Shine!Morning devotional"What do you think we are having for breakfast?"RoundsChecking inFeeling OK after surgery yesterdayFather and son working togetherUnloading people hoping to get wheelchairsFamilies at Casa de Milagro getting breakfastBusiest person on trip - Monica!Discussing a spinalWORKING HARDFriendsCarol hard at work!Donated socks keep the feet warmSo excited to have a new wheelchairShe even empties the trashPraying with a patient before surgeryThis is Dorly and she never leaves her house...hopefully that'll change!transporting new wheelchairs homeJeff has got it down!Beautiful girl!DabbingSee what happens when the CRNA's get out?Jerry and Dave heading back to the wheelchair clinic!Talking to family after a surgeryLove this boy!Loves her new glassesOur OB/GYN doctor taking time to play with the kidsSo grateful for glassesThis girl's shirt said it all...even though she didn't know until we translatedDynamic duo!Tinkerbell scrubs! Isn't she cute?And here, we have a nice bottle of Ibuprofen...The female SUPERSTARS of the ORAll 3 docs working togetherHis prothesis is hurting him and he can't walk so needs a wheelchairAnother group waiting to be fitted for wheelchairsDressed and almost ready to go homeCarol checking orders in post-opComparing notes after a surgeryIntense over some of the drugsCam in actionDaniel gets aroundWalking a patient to the operating roomGetting everything ready.Dr. Lisa loves ManuelReady or not!A child at the daycare on the propertyLook at all those brand new wheelchairs put to good use!Hoping to get hi own wheelchairAnother cutie!Next in line to see the DrDr Patty checking a patient outLook at the size of those avocados!Dave & Jeff have got it down!Waiting to be seen in the clinicHard at workFRIENDS!How about those scrub dresses? 3 AmigosReady for the last dayMonica always gets everything ready!Let's go!Chelsea getting the patient alreadyNot letting the long wait get them downTranslatorsShe got out of the pharmacyAnnConferringThat darn name tag gets in the way sometimes!ConcentratingCam explaining everything to CarolNurses in the hospitalNew wheelsIt was HOT - glad she brought her own water!It "feels like" 98 degrees (seriously) but they all had heavy sweatersFinally made it insideSame bandana, different shirt!This is the way that the wheelchairs start (they ar brand new - someone asked that)...Dr Patty is our the doctor that screens and examines for wheelchair/implements but this lady kept complaining about her eyesI always love all the beautiful colors!An appreciative client gives her recovery nurse a giftKathleen and PatientEveryone watching the surgeryThanks Chelsea!Recovery roomFito is COOOOOL!Ellie handed out the readers today!Hoping sunglasses help herSo many people's lives will be changedBringing over more boxes of wheelchairs from the warehouseFinal paperworkWaiting outside wheelchair clinicLove this little lady!I'd be burning up!His son was really happy he got a wheelchair...I really did have her permission to post this!California girls!

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As the operating and recovery rooms are being straightened and packed up, the music blares and the doctors, nurses and other team members dance and laugh after a successful week. Fifty-two surgeries (50 patients - 2 patients had multiple procedures) and 40 gynecological consults were performed... Read More
There is one OB/GYN doctor this trip and she is basically seeing patients in clinic all day, everyday. Her name is Stephanie and she is from Oregon. This is her first trip with Faith In Practice and when she found out that there would be no other OB/GYNs on this trip, she said that she would... Read More
  The team has really started to "gel" and not only does that mean that friendships have formed, but also that everyone just seems to pick up the slack and help one another out. EVERYTHING is running smoother today. Of course, there was lots of operating and lots of wheelchairs being built and... Read More
Everyone was excited and ready to get started on the surgeries this morning. After a few adjustments to get used to the equipment here, everything seemed to flow very well - 14 surgeries were completed. The big stories today were in the wheelchair clinic. I have permission from the mother to... Read More
  We started this morning with a devotional at 6am - I think that we were all very glad for the strong (YUMMY) Guatemalan coffee. Kathy reminded us that even though we are a small team in comparison to what usually comes, we WILL make a difference in the lives that we come in contact and are... Read More
Everyone has arrived in Guatemala safely! Nineteen people coming from all over the United States…some even flying all night Thursday to get here…and all ready to do big things for the people of Guatemala. We met in Antigua and several of us immediately went out exploring the city and then met... Read More