Surgery Boutros Antigua

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Today was our last day of surgery! With this, we wrap up four days of operations at Las Obras Sociales in Antigua. All of the operating rooms together saw close to one hundred and forty surgeries! We began the day with a reflection on the devotionals from the past few days, and then we headed... Read More
Today was another successful day of surgery, with patients moving smoothly through surgery to PACU, then to one of the wards in the hospital, and finally to Casa de Fe or their own home. Each morning after we arrive in the hospital, the physicians also do rounds to check on their patients from... Read More
On the second day of surgery, things have started to settle into a rhythm. We started the day with breakfast prepared by our fantastic cooks and then came together for the devotional. Afterwards, we headed over to the hospital. The team performed many different operations today- from hernia... Read More
This first day of surgery ran smoothly thanks to the efficiency and organization of Faith In Practice, Las Obras hospital, and everyone on the team. Almost thirty surgeries were performed today! These included many operations that patients had needed for years and may have never gotten... Read More
Our first full day in Guatemala was triage day—a preparation for the week to come. We began the day with a devotional lead by Dr. Boutros; this reaffirmed the spiritual calling of our trip. We left the hotel inspired and ready for the day ahead. When we arrived at the historic hospital,... Read More
This was the first day of our mission trip! When we arrived in Guatemala City, Faith In Practice helped us to collect the trunks containing our medical equipment. We took a bus to the cobblestone-paved streets of Antigua, where we reconvened at Casa de Fe. With its name meaning “House of Faith... Read More