Surgery T. Davis Antigua

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How do you get medical history from a plethora of patients, preoperative care completed in a foreign language, rooms ready, tools prepped, patients sedated, operations completed, post operative care done, and recovery managed? With many, many hands. We were reminded this morning of the four... Read More
There were five cozy operating rooms. There was a courtyard of anxious family members and patients. Separating these groups was only a little brick and mortar – but crossing the threshold of a small door under a portrait of Jesus meant a cataclysmic change in the quality of life for our... Read More
The symphony of getting all people, equipment, bags, and personalities to Antigua without major delays is complete! Starting from all corners of the country, our team is safe and resting tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s triage. The evening was filled with the reunion of great friends, the... Read More
That is what they call the team waiting at the Obras Sociales. Angels. Some who have travelled great distances have done so after hearing of the miracles done by God’s angels at the clinic. Today was the day of triage: gathering key information from patients, orienting the team to the medical... Read More