Surgery Bullard Retalhuleu

Volcano smoke, seen from our hotel on SaturdayChecking out of our hotel, SaturdayA sign along the road to Reu - Volcan En ErupcionCrowd at Casa de FeGilbertoGabriel with his family being dischargedZulemaCasa de Milagros plaqueLesbia Andrade, Case de Fe Administrator, briefs volunteersVilma and Dr. ChildsMaximilianoVickySchoolchildren visiting patients, and wearing masks for safetyMarielaGilberto is happyVicky and Susana before their operationsVolunteer Fran with patientsSchoolchildren visiting patients, and wearing masks for safetySusana, a patient and a teacherVicky and Susana after their surgeriesTeam members jump into action..We're moving....sonriso

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by: Anastasia Manning  Reflecting as I return home from my mission trip in Retalhuleu, Guatemala: How do you put into words a change in your soul? I broke down last night. Last night I cried a lot, and for reasons I feel that words cannot do justice in capturing. Before this mission, I thought... Read More
Susana is a teacher in a school in her town. She teaches many subjects to primary school students, including citizenship, Spanish, mathematics, and personal hygiene. She has been a teacher for twenty years. Susana is also studying psychology and says that she would often do her own homework... Read More
Earthquake! We just had a small earthquake here, in the middle of surgeries! We're all OK. A little earthquake will not interrupt the completion of our mission. By the way - please donate at ! #lifechangingmedicalmission #fip632   
Yesterday Vicky had an operation to remove her gallbladder. Vicky is a school teacher, with students who are seven to twelve years old. Vicky is a single mom with a fifteen-year-old son who is still learning to drive and will be getting his license when he turns sixteen later this year. ... Read More
Zulema is in her twenties and has worked full time doing childcare for over ten years, since she was a teenager, caring for two children who are now teenagers. The mother of the two children is a US citizen, but the children are not. The mom lives and works in the US, but visits as often as... Read More
We started hitting the ground running, with twenty-two scheduled surgeries and more 'add ons' surgeries that are added after those scheduled for the day. We all found our place to ensure each patient was taken care of and felt as comfortable as they could be- some patients excited, smiling,... Read More